Moonage Devilment (MAD) are a brand on the up, capitalising on the trend for graduates of 109 Mens Shibuya street style to migrate to classier, more adult brands but that keep the rock star styling and tight silhouette.  So in the case of Moonage Devilment you will find some of the onii-kei staples like Rolling Stones and random foreign female prints, but you will find them on quality leathers and fabrics, along with a healthy dose of on-trend occultism.  The A/W collection “Soak” has gone for a slightly odd approach to the lookbook by focusing a camera on the wall behind the models… so drink in what you can and we will move onto a focused look at the actual items in the collection once that is out of the way.

Moody and atmospheric certainly, but for those who can’t waltz down to their very cool Daikanyama shop (you should if you get a chance) you probably want to see what the clothes look like beyond the silhouette.

These leather trainers are a sure fire hit in the making and are sure to challenge Diet Butcher Slim Skin and Rick Owens for the title of master of fashion trainers.

As you can hopefully tell the quality of finish on MAD’s work is that bit better than the Shibuya average and deals with the details with restraint.

Very much approve of that stitched belt, that is the kind of level of detail that seems to be in this A/W.  The studded showiness of last year seems to have been replaced with the subtle and austere this incoming winter.

Complete the look with some occultism and tattoos and you are all set.

The Rolling Stones turning up here as well, apparently their running collaboration with Jackrose is not enough for them.

And I couldn’t resist posting some of their novelty items.  That is a money box on the right, but those tiny leather jacket key-rings are amazingly cute.

It must be said that last time I wrote about Moonage Devilment (here) they seemed to be taking more risks with their work, but I would think of this selection as more of a basics line for the more avant-garde items to be added on to.  This is pretty common with Japanese brands and the more fashion-forward items tend to be sold in the Tokyo flagship to the serious fans while the more commercial work is sold in the stockists.  Rest assured I have seen some really strong stuff from MAD this year that will be sold in smaller quantities for those in the market for some Tokyo rock excess.

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2 Responses to Moonage Devilment AW 2011-12 – Soak

  1. brad-t says:

    I had never heard of this brand until very recently and I think this looks to be a killer collection (though this lookbook is terrible, which seems to be par for the course for Japanese labels). The trainers are great but I don’t know if I can pull off sneakers at all really. The leather sleeves are killer and that parka looks great. Looking forward to seeing actual pictures though.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    Yeah they have set the bar for unfortunate lookbooks, although I have seen worse… But yeah, aside from that the collection seems to be stop-on and like I said I will post some of their more showy stuff soon. The official unveiling of the shop in Daikanyama was delayed due to the earthquake etc, so the brand launch didn’t have the impact it should have.

    Definitely one to watch for that nice mid-level street style that you can dress up or down relatively easily.

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