Continuing with my mode kick, here’s some images from Murua’s latest collection:

I wish my images could do the clothes justice! Damn. There’s a lot of great tailoring going on, as well as crazy-brilliant old lady style scarf print silk shorts and dresses, leather jackets, skinny belts, and gorgeous sheer shirts. Love it, love it, love it.

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I’ve been on a bit of a roll with ‘mode gyaru’ of late! But hey, what’s mode all about? Unlike lolita, which has ‘guidelines’ (mostly needed to be adhered to to be considered ‘lolita’, of course there is a certain amount of rule-bending going on!), gyaru style in general is more free-form and less strictly defined. However, within the huge variety of gyaru fashion sub-styles, there are different aesthetics, rather than ‘rules’, that create the image of gyaru. Now, I’m not one for pinning down exact definitions or creating fashion rules – fashion  is ever-changing and open to interpretation & inspiration, that’s why I continue to be captivated by it! Yet I will say that there is a mode aesthetic that sets it apart from other gyaru sub-styles, for example the neon colours & clashing vibrant prints of haadi (flashy), the preppy Californian style of ame-kaji (American casual), and the huge hair and even huger eyes of hime (princess).

For the mode aesthetic, I’d say that there are a few key items & keywords: Herve Leger-style bodycon (still amazing, still a huge trend); billowing blouses in sheer fabrics; leggings, leather jackets; monochrome; sharp tailoring (nipped in waists, pleated trousers, cropped jackets & structured shoulders); silk scarves in large prints to add colour; lace, leather & silk; smoky eyes; high cheekbones; chunky gold jewellery; wedges & fierce shoes; belts (corset-style or skinny); and couture darling! Basically, if you’d be happy to coordinate it with a Chanel bag then it’s at least on the way to being mode!

I think I’ve really clicked with mode not only as it appeals to my age-group – I’m not a Popteen-reading Coco Lulu-wearing girl any more (woe!) – and it fits really nicely in to my current wardrobe! I already own a few items similar to ones outlined in the keywords above, so I can adapt what I already own to mode style without slavishly replicating a catalogue image. I’ve been in an odd fashion limbo earlier this year, but mode has kick-started my creative fashion bum in the right direction again!

Find Murua:

Tokyo: Shibuya 109, OIOI Jam, Shinjuku Lumine Est, Ikebukuro Parco

Kansai: Osaka Shinsaibasi OPA, Kobe OIOI, Namba OIOI

Have you ever fallen head-over-heels for a fashion style? Do you still dress that way, or was it a passing fancy? Did it revolutionise your life?


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