Well, here we are again! It only seems like a few weeks ago that I was writing about Murua‘s summer looks and already it’s time for a shot of winter style! Okay, it’s been more than a few weeks (more like months, wow) and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my hands on the latest photos after the very teasing catwalk video that’s been our only main point of reference for this collection thus far…

Of course, I’m a huge fan of Murua – the grown-up gal image with high fashion touches sits very nicely in my personal Japan/UK wardrobe – and I’m happy not be disappointed with the season’s offering too. Hurrah! Coming under the heading of ‘Coquettish Girl‘ with ‘Retro Modern’ for the styling photos, this autumn/winter collection feeds off the bright pops of colour that so defined this summer’s colour-blocking trends, while keeping the signature elegant fashionista vibe that Murua does so well. This is mode gal at its very best; plenty of favourites like blazers and sheer fabric, and some fantastic new must-haves in the form of embellished spare collars, bright nails and those stripy mid-length skirts that I just know will be on literally every other girl on the street – grab yours now!

I’ve collated both the lookbook photos and catwalk shots, so keep on scrollin’!

So very Mondrian! Love the blown-up houndstooth, and plenty of high waists with narrow belts here.

Spare collars! The skirts! Pumps & contrasting ankle socks!

(Oh, hello models with tattoos! Nice one.)

Gorgeous make-up; love the defined lower lashes. And um, airline stewardess hats. Yes?

Chartreuse and black, eh? Oh, and multicoloured nails too.

I really how this is both slouchy and feminine. Something I may have to try…

Darling, you had me black & white! Wowzers trousers.

There’s something of the dressing-up box about this, and I really do like it!

On to the runway:

Billowing beauty! I’ve always tended to shy away from colour on my lower half (hello, ginormous bottom!), but this looks less than terrifying. Also: amazing coat and tights combo.

Fringed denim making a comeback… digging the chevron tights though!

Slogan printed blazer and skirt, with more amazing tights and this year’s must-have accessory; the cross necklace.

Love the 60’s feel here! Contrasting black and white patterns with an incredible coat and shoes.

More fringing (I keep typing ‘finging’ by mistake). More sheer fabric, and headbow/turban hair accessory with oversize clutch – very chic.

Mmm, lovely! Not sure quite what’s going on with skirt/cape thing, but I do love the little peep of orange on the shoes.

Two words: would wear. For a colour-phobe like me, this is great way to inject a little something into a single-colour outfit.

Comfiest cardigan ever? Perhaps! Fantastic footwear too.

A big look for this season: The Skirt, graphic t-shirt & spare collar.

Wow, love the nail t-shirt!

(Sidenote: anyone brave enough to try the catwalk make-up? Perhaps in the confines of the bathroom only, but I could see subtle top/bottom difference looking quite good. Shades of red, maybe?)

I heard you like bows… and beautiful lacy cardigans!

Hello, colour!

Another fantastic collection from Murua, and in my opinion showing real growth. Although arguably more mode than gal, I still think there’s a lot here to love, and that can be adapted to most people’s shapes & tastes.

Key things that I’ll be taking away: coloured shoes & accessories, more black & white, and a couple of DIY spare collars; spikes and studs or gems and jewels? How about you, readers?

See more from Murua at the homepage & Runway Channel web store.

PS: Stay tuned for W by Murua next time!

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7 Responses to Murua Autumn Winter 2011- Mode Gal Goes Coquettish

  1. Color? COLOR?! I might actually buy something at Murua this winter!

  2. Tori says:

    The lookbook photos are just amazing ♥ Even more proof that MURUA pulled it out YET AGAIN this season!

  3. […] case you missed my other post on Murua’s Autumn Winter collection, take a look here – which do you […]

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Caroline – I know, right?! Amazing stuff, even I’m a little bit tempted, haha 😉

  5. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Oh, I agree!

    Interestingly enough, last season while I preferred Murua’s look, in the flesh I actually went for Emoda – not sure how that happened! 😉

  6. SaffronSugar says:

    Wow, this is basically everything I love about fashion poured into one collection! The cute collars, the sheer black blouses, bright colours, fun tights, high waists… Perfection. Yes please!

  7. Rebecca says:

    @ Saffron Sugar – I’m so glad you enjoy it too! There’s a lot of love for Murua right now! 🙂

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