I think I’ve got the post-Fashion Week blues – after a full week running around Tokyo’s new Hikarie building and Shibuya Bellesalle Garden, I’m back at home in bed and wondering what just happened. Fashion Week is one of those events that seems to distort time: you spend so long looking forward to it, waiting in endless queues for shows to start and wishing you had time to eat more than just a quick onigiri (best thing ever!), and then suddenly when you feel like you might be getting into your stride… it’s over, and you’ve got another six months until the next one. Oh. On the plus side, I’ve got a lot to catch up on, and we have even more amazing designers and collections to share with you in the near future…

In the spirit of catching up on things, it’s high time we featured some current season collections (looking at beautiful clothes you can’t buy for half a year is quite painful), so let’s kick off with one of my favourites from the omnipresent Mark Styler group, Murua.

Well known for their ‘feminine mode’ style that has struck a chord with Tokyo’s fashionistas in their early twenties, Murua has taken a slightly different course this season. The current Jewellery Box collection features many of the dramatic design pieces that Murua do so well, and which can easily form the focus of an outfit, if not wardrobe. While graphic t-shirts, oversized outers and tight trousers continue to sell well in stores, making their way down the down catwalk came a rather darker offering than you might expect from a brand so popular with older ‘graduated’ gyaru. Always with an eye on the international blogging community, Murua have responded in kind with a collection that is sure to win fans worldwide. Metallic lipstick, studded jackets and heavy boots formed the most visually exciting looks, taking inspiration from international street fashion trends that have seen a resurgence in more alternative styles. I’m a big fan of the white shirts and large blazers – Limi Feu meets mainstream mode – and I’m also happy to see that amongst the spikes and safety pins are some of Murua’s more feminine pieces, such as pillbox hats, pearl collars and lovely fluffy jackets.

I’ve got my eye on several items already, and I’ve been trawling the webstore to see if I can catch my favourites. Thankfully the weather is starting to cool down now, so I’m really looking forward to sticking jewels on everything raiding my own jewellery box to see just how many pearls I can wear at the same time… Just in time for the next catwalk show this Friday!

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