When I saw Murua‘s SS 11 collection I have to admit that I did a little dribble – if only figuratively! I love mode, I love gyaru, and I love the high fashion influences that elevate Murua above other brands, but still keep it contemporary and in touch with the ‘fast fashion’ of the Tokyo streets.

I’ve split the collection into three: mature, sheer and white, in order to talk about the collection fully. Mode and sheer fabric go together like ham and eggs (or Rebecca & Samuel!) so it’s no real surprise that it’s back again, and of course spring & summer are the easiest time of year to wear lighter fabrics! White is a huge global trend this upcoming season, and it’s great to see that what could be a rather niche brand has kept in touch with the overall trends of fashion’s driving forces. I’ve put a few looks down as mature, as certain sub-styles within gyaru fashion have really begun to embrace the more mature style that has categorised 2010s popular mode brands. Others such as Delyle have long lusted after the classic chic of Chanel, and it’s interesting to see that the timeless black, white and gold colour palette is being revived again by Murua.  A darker side to the ubiquitous marine trend that pops up every year?

Let’s start as we mean to continue…


Let’s just get it out there: I love this. I’m a total convert to maxi dresses, and this leopard print number (that many people probably have a similar version of) looks just fantastic with the large corset belt and cropped jacket with huge collar; it’s a great way to add depth to an outfit. Hello, new season look for me!

The shoulders! I really hope this is like a little add-on to a top, and I really hope this actually goes into production – get me on the list for one now! Oh, and the leopard trousers, and huge tassels too…

Totally worth it just for the sight of the back of the previous outfit!

I really like how the model’s braided hair echoes the tassels…

More shoulders, interesting fabric for the maxi skirt, and some very wicked shoes


Obviously, now I have to get a sheer maxi skirt.

Very Betty Boop!

I picked some sheer trousers just last week, hurrah! Now all I need are the fringed shoulders and corset top. Oh, and I really love the embroidered belt too

Darling little sheer blouse – somehow it feels more risque with it buttoned up!


Just stunning. It kind of feels like this should be worn while swanning around a luxury hotel, or standing next to a camel in the desert. White + red shoes is a real winner!

Pale version of the maxi skirt above – almost bridal with the veil flowing over the face…

The shoes! The trousers!

Even some florals make an appearance, but I think leopard print has stolen the show

And finally: oh look, it’s me in a few years – covered in tattoos with some feathers stuck to my face. At least I’m happy!

Overall, I was personally rather enamoured with the vast majority of this collection. I’m already a huge fan of Murua, so I was happy to see the continuation of sheer fabrics, and the black/white/gold colour palette that have both become something of a Murua signature. My seasonal highlight has to be the combination of white with red and leopard print – I really hope this is picked by the fashion public! It’s a lovely transition from autumn/winter to spring/summer, and can slot well into any wardrobe – hopefully mine!

See more from Murua at the homepage


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7 Responses to Murua-Rumour (nothing rhymes with Murua?)

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  2. Emmie says:

    Ok I’m dribbling with you, I’m in love. The silhouettes are stunning! I think I will be spending this months pay check entirely on this stuff..once i can decipher their bloody web store

  3. brad-t says:

    Surprisingly interesting silhouette play for a low-to-mid-end brand.

  4. Tori says:

    Just found your blog via someone I follow on twitter & I’m so glad I did! ♥ I love your layout, I love the style of your posts, & I love your picks in this post in particular~ I can definitely relate to how you feel about MURUA keeping it fashion-forward. I love mode-kei to pieces & while I tend to browse EMODA’s webshop more than MURUA’s, I can see more runway-inspired looks from MURUA than EMODA. This collection in particular is just… amazingness ♥ I’m totally trying white + red & leopard in the coming season, haha!

  5. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I think the webstore is being/has been relaunched?

    Oh, I love it so much! I can’t wait to get my hands on at least half a dozen items! 🙂


  6. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Oh, I agree! There’s also an amazing skirt from Dazzlin that echoes the uber-hip shape, but in 360! I’ll be writing about that in the next couple of days 😉


  7. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Hi Tori, thanks so much for getting in touch! (I’ve also added you on twitter – fab blog too, by the way!)

    Ooh, I can’t wait to write about Emoda too – there’s some amazing florals! I have so much love for mode right now, haha 🙂
    I think you’d look great in white + red & leopard!


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