Me me me… sometimes writing a blog can feel like an exercise in narcissism. But that’s why we love reading them as much as writing them, right? A little peek into someone else’s head, if only for three minutes. That said, let’s take a gander at Minir Dees’ latest;

I’ve chosen these three images from Minir Dees’ latest lookbook as I think they show a great growth of style. As one of last year’s new brands (setting up shop in February), Minir Dees has the ability to take influences from established brands as well as carve a new niche for itself. The top photograph shows a sweet & girly rather Liz Lisa-esque look with a detailed pink boho dress and cream accessories. Moving down to the central image, we see the feminine aesthetic is still apparent in the ruffled blouse, the check pattern and red hat give it an edge and keep it on trend. Finally, the last coordinate shows a real maturity of girly style – this season at Minir Dees it’s all about sheer leopard blouses, velvet and long boots – with a slash of red lipstick!

In some ways, it can be said that Minir Dees hasn’t quite found it’s feet & it’s own unique style yet – take the wide variety of influences above – but it does however highlight how far ‘sweet gyaru’ brands like Liz Lisa & Cecil McBee have permeated into other designers’ conciousness, and also the advent of mode style; we have seen similar sheer blouses become a mode trademark this season, and I think Minir Dees have done well to widen their target market.

I think it’s also fair to say that the way to update your look this winter is to add red! Lipstick, shoes, hats, bags… red is the new floral. Love it or loathe it?


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