The image and reality of Harajuku street fashion can be somewhat disperate for the uninitiated tourist who still heads to Meiji Jingu bridge on the weekend.  You see, there is a reason all that malarky went on on the outskirts of Harajuku, because it was on the outskirts of Harajuku fashion.  The real heart of Harajuku fashion has always lain in the backstreets of Ura-Harajuku and it is a very different beast altogether from that which dares not venture 100 metres from the JR station.  It is raw, it is hand-worked, it makes a point and there are few ambassadors better than Atsushi Horiki’s brand NADA.

The look fits in nicely at Acycle alongside Blackmeans, Hiro and the rest of the evolved punk brands that have successfully combined the punk message, with credibility and a little bit of art along the way.

As you would expect there are a good number of items that have an earthy remake / remade vibe like Children of the Discordance, and overall the standard to finish is right up there.

The A/W 2011-12 look-book is business as usual for NADA, with the exception of some damn creepy masks…

The silhouette is relaxed, slouchy and will no doubt be a hit with the arty boho crowd, but if like me you are all about strong structuring you will be sticking to individual items and it is on that score that NADA really starts to shine:

Studs, hand-stitching and patchwork – love it!   But probably wasted on me padding around the house.

Brilliant earthy vibe that is not a million miles from KMRii

This is from an old season, but it perfectly reflects their adult aesthetic (don’t worry there are plenty of custom jackets in the current season).

Notice a trend to the stuff I like yet?  I just love this kind of dark, beat-up vintage inspired fashion.

If you are tempted by this slightly gear then you can head on over to Acycle in Harajuku where they are the exclusive stockist of a number of limited items, but they are also stocked at Napoleon Fish and Phorgun in Tokyo and a good number of places all around Japan.

Whether it is your cup of tea or not, this fashion really is at the heart of alternative style in Japan.  It is an accesible opt-out of society, as well as an intelligent middle-finger to the man – very much recommended.

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