The first thing that came to mind when I saw this winter collection from Ne-Net was that some hikers had been on the mushrooms (scroll down, you’ll see!). I think it woud be kind of easy to just write this off as just another ‘wacky’ show, just another crazy catwalk… but I think Ne-Net is actually far too popular to reduce it to ‘just something‘. Okay, you’re going to see many people wandering around in head-to-toe in Ginza or Omotesando, but it does have an incredibly loyal cult following (as do many other similar brands such as Mercibeaucoup, Frapbois, etc) that pretty much guarantees life-long loyalty from fans.

Living Together, Being Together is the theme for this autumn and winter, and it’s a really interesting take on the nature-influenced imagery that’s come to symbolise the most recent Fashion Week in Japan. However, rather than struggling against nature as many other designers represented themselves, Ne-Net have gone down a rather different (and slightly more trippy) path. More about living in harmony and conjunction with nature, models walked down the runway dressed in layers of prints and patterns: stripes, leaves, Nordic motifs, tartan, bears, trees and raindrops to name just a few! The overall effect was chaotic, like a forest full to bursting with fairytale characters and creatures. This fanciful and quaint image was further added to by the amazing headpieces that many models wore, and also the amazing elongated stuffed animal arms that were added to a selection of outfits.

There was an odd mix of creepy-cute too – kawaii on illicit substances, perhaps? Sharp-toothed bears, a tragic mole, faux-foxes – this almost an Animals of Farthing Wood-esque nightmare: I know I’m not the child to have been scarred for life by that cartoon! Regardless of whether this is your cup of tea or not, I’m certainly a happy camper after getting a good look at Ne-Net…

The bear knows what you did in the woods that one time.

Bunny ears have never been so creepy, and check out those arms…

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3 Responses to Ne-Net A/W 2012 – Living Together, Being Together

  1. christina says:

    Hi! Im visiting Japan again finally in early October. Would you know if the knitwear from this collection will already have come and gone by then? Im somewhat desperate to get my hands on the batwing cardy with little trees on it that is on the cover of the mook that is coming out at the end of August? Thanks if you can help.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Christina

    Actually this collection is only going to be released in September (it is A/W 2012-13) so your timing is perfect for picking up some knitwear from this collection!

    Hope you get what you want.

  3. christina says:

    I did! It was brilliant.

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