Tokyo Fashion Week AW 2013-14 got off to a great start courtesy of Ne-net and their animal themed collection in LaForet Museum, Harajuku.  The collection began in the savannas of Africa with leopard and cheetah prints paired with lion inspired furry legwarmers before cheeky monkeys, exotic birds and elephants made their appearance, then the music shifted and we were in the Arctic with seals and polar bears aplenty.  Needless to say this was carried out with the humorous attention to detail and flourishes that Ne-net is quite rightly known for, and in the final segment of the show that mixed the icy influences with the plains of Africa, the quintessential awkwardness of Ne-net started to rear its head and the show started to make sense (more or less).

For now, let’s go back to the beginning and work through the show in order:

The first couple of looks were Ne-net through and through, an easy heavily layered silhouette, original textiles and fun details throughout that I am always happy to see on the street.

The men’s look is never far away for the women’s and was looking particularly snug with the boxier layering.

The fun leg warmers looked a little much when combined with the tails attached to the back of the jackets.

As the more literal animal references dropped away the show got stronger and stronger, until the fabrics got to a level admirable for a street level brand.

As the jungle animals started to appear the layering and silhouette too took a step forward.

This monkey with fur tale was a big hit when it come out – say what you will about Ne-net, but if you don’t leave the show with a big smile on your face there is something wrong with you.

Animal shoes are a big hit on the streets right now and show absolutely no sign of going anywhere.

The giraffe round the neck is actually a scarf, even if it looks like long socks – Ne-net has always liked to use familiar garment constructions in unfamiliar places and that is one of many reasons why there is always just something “off” about the whole.

Love this seal inspired outfit from the second half of the show.

The polar bear x cheetah combo.

The herd of animals in the finale:

You would have to be a bit of a prude to not see the charm in this collection, and if you don’t then it is probably not for you.  Saying that, it is not for me either, but I love the fact that this exists at all and Tokyo is all the richer for it.

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