Spring has sprung. Cherry blossoms have bloomed, birds have sung and even the sun has made a small appearance here at Tokyo Telephone Towers. And what I am wearing fashion-wise? Floral prints, white, and pale denim? No, of course not. It’s all black, black and black. With uh, a side-order of black. And maybe some white shoes. That’s right folks, although I love writing & fawning over the latest and greatest Japanese fashion, and the majority of my wardrobe hails from the land of the rising sun, I’m much more comfortable in some ancient army boots & and an equally old vintage t-shirt.

But let’s face it – comfort isn’t everything, and I do feel like I need a great big style shake-up! THUS: let’s take a look at what’ll be inspiring me this spring as I attempt to break out of my happy little fashion rut…

Read on for a high- & low-end mish-mash…

D&G autumn winter 2011 – I don’t often get the chance to talk about Western designers here at Tokyo Telephone (if I do, it’s usually over at Glam!), but despite my true passion being Japanese fashion, I do also love checking out the catwalks and couture internationally too. One collection that really stood out for me this time around was D&G – I couldn’t help but be taken by the mix of alphabets, logos and bright shades that overall wouldn’t look out of place at one of our favourite Tokyo vintage hang-outs, Nude Trump. Go on, D&G, embrace that fabulous trashy look once and for all – I know I will be!

After taking a brief stop-over, let’s get back to Japan, and to one of my brands of this year; Comme des Garcons. Hurrah, trumpet fanfare, confetti, etc. I’m a bargain hunter at heart (as was my mother before me, and hers – my grandmother was a model in the 1940s & later owned a clothes shop in London), and over the past year I’ve come to know my way around some of the best second hand designer resellers in Tokyo, and let me tell you I’m always baffled as to why so much from CdG ends up unwanted. Well – it’s wanted by me at least! Above, I’ve featured the autumn winter 2008 collection as I think it compares pretty well with the 2011 show below. Comme des Garcons has been a bit of a revelation in style terms for me of late: looking cute or beautiful has lost it’s importance to me over the years, and I feel stronger (both mentally & fashionably) for it. I remember when I was 17 & had blue hair, I got into some trouble (insults quickly turned to rocks and fire) but I didn’t care, and in a way I feel like I need to regain that fearless teenager again.

I’ve been getting back into Kera magazine again, which has been fantastic. I’ve mentioned many times how I just love a ton of different Japanese fashion magazines – I’ve recently had to totally reorganise our bookshelves to cope with the amount of magazines & fashion books that are gradually taking over the place – and it’s Kera and the Gothic & Lolita Bible that I’ve been revisiting lately. They both were a huge influence on me when I first became aware of Japanese fashion and all it’s glorious subcultures, and as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been looking back rather than forwards in the past couple of months. So, what I’m loving in Kera above: ice-cream colours, Vivienne Westwood (oh, for some classic pirate boots…) and long skirts with long layers. Layering is something that I’d really like to experiment with this season, and it’s a feature that expertly captures Japanese fashion in a nutshell. Amazing.

Last, but most definitely not least, the master himself: Yohji Yamamoto. Above is spring 2008, and below is spring 2008 – yes, black! I chose these two collections almost at random (so hard to pick!), but I think they each show the power, strength and femininity that are so evident in Yamamoto’s designs. For me, it’s the structure, the silhouette, the flow and above all the simple details that really make Yohji Yamamoto one of a very few designers (along with Gareth Pugh) that I wait breathlessly for each time Fashion Week comes around again. From these two collections, I’ll be trying out the double belts, rolled-up trousers over boots, long-length layers & leather, and dare I say, some small splashes of colour.

Luscious stuff, this is why I love fashion – I can be anyone I want to be, and I can use it as a true reflection of myself. So, how do you feel about your own fashion choices at the moment? Do you love or hate current trends? Do they even matter any more?

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4 Responses to New Season Personal Style – To Trend or Not

  1. Tori says:

    The D&G runway looks fabulousss ❤ & omg KERA~ I was never a big reader of that magazine, but I find myself being drawn more & more to certain looks in there. I’m going to blame you for my newfound obsession with rock-kei, haha! ;D

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    It’s so bright, isn’t it?
    Haha, I’ve really been getting back into more of a rock style over the past few months too! 🙂


  3. Leanne says:

    Hehe…I bounce between gothic all-black and violent pops of colour. I am influenced by trends for sure, but I only adopt those I genuinely like 🙂 It was great having these images from a few seasons ago to refresh our memories (and learn a little bit about you in the process). As for me, I’ve just THROWN OUT a bunch of Kera’s, Lolita Bibles, Eggs, Glamorous’s etc..

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Nooooo, I would have taken them off your hands 🙁

    Haha, I was thinking of you when I posted the D&G collection…
    Oh yeah absolutely; I think it’s all about picking trends and developing your own style. I could neve tie myself down to one look!


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