Nick Needles is a brand that everyone seems to want to succeed.  The annoyingly young designer Junya Chino is only on his second season but his brilliantly named alter ego Nick Needles’ collection has been the sleeper hit of Tokyo Collection Week despite not even having had a show this JFW.  Instead he shared a pop-up store with the equally brilliant ETW. Vonneguet and had an exhibition in Xanadu Harajuku.  But thanks to how striking the collection inherently is that has quite clearly been enough to give him the all important break that every young designer dreams of.  The latest collection is a sharp fix of gemstone inspired sharp edges, excess and stunningly deep colours – but there is also something of the gothic to the collection thanks to the allusion to stained-glass windows.  Either way, there is an awful lot to love and I can’t wait for his first venture to the catwalks when that inevitably transpires.

Continue reading for a stunning emerald and amethyst assault, seductively strong female silhouettes and some cutting edge fabrics.

The official lookbook:

Just look at those gorgeous shiny ripples in the fabric, trust me, seeing it move brings the whole dress to life in an instant.

As the fabric moves it dances between shiny and matte, very odd indeed, but utterly charming.

This one-piece ups the wearability stakes, and for the even less adventurous, I am pretty sure you could get away with the choker pretty easily.

Love this structured approach to emphasizing the shoulders over simple shoulder pads.

Really like how closely the clutch bags in the collection mirror the skirts.

Very wearable although I think he could have got away with a spike of colour somewhere here.

This might well be my favorite fit from the collection.  That splash of purple just comes right at you when paired with the shiny jet black.

So strong, yet so feminine – I very much approve.

And how could I not mention the rather confrontational make-up?  I for one think it is a perfect representation of the brand, colourful, but with a slightly dark edge that doesn’t resort to black

I hope you enjoyed that introduction to the brand and current collection.  If you want to see more then there is a homepage where you can also see his current stockists (which is a number surely set to rise).

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