NO ID is always one of the best barometers of what the (good) end of Japanese street style will look like each and every season.  They don’t tend to overly commit to a particular style, but there are few brands who are so good at selecting the best from both high fashion catwalks and strong street trends created by vintage aficionados, combining it together, and making it seem fresh.  This coming season is no exception and you have a line-up that features a toned down Julius-esque jacket mixed in with Sukajyan and even a Tsunagi or two.  It is nothing if not varied and held together with classic UK rock styling and pretty reasonable pricing that will guarantee that this will be worn all over Tokyo this Autumn.

Solid blocky soles on the boots, twisted seams and back zips on the jeans, bolo tie and  contrast stretch panels on the jacket – these are  without a shadow of a doubt the details that are going to mark an evolved streetwear ensemble this AW.

From this outfit the details to take away are the bunched length on the trousers and the elongated torso thanks to that nice hanging layer.  Yes we have seen it before, but thanks to NO ID it is going to hit the mainstream and hard.

Tsunagi were pretty big last AW in Mens 109, but it looks like they are back with vengeance this year.  I have been wearing my one as much as humanly possible for the last couple of months before it got too hot and I have to say I have really enjoyed it.

Ah Sukajyan.  They never truly go away but every five years or so they become truly cool out of a Amekaji or Japonica context.  This one above is not the best one from the collection, but they are going to do a nice detailed dragon one – approved!

Animal prints always feature heavily in men’s Japanese street fashion so no surprises here.  I would just draw your attention to the boots once more – those soles are everywhere right now.

A classic Tokyo street style look – no chance of going wrong with this one.

Now this I like, the perfect playboy ensemble for the 2010s.

 This is the toned down Julius look I mentioned earlier.  Very nice indeed and can’t wait to see more draped nomads wandering the streets.

And just time for some of my favorite individual items to end on:

Price wise this hovers above what you might pay at Mens 109 (but about the same is Buffalo Bobs), and is clearly that bit classier and designed with concise efficiency, i.e. no unnecessary details.  I always have a good time poking through their shops in Harajuku and Shinjuku Lumine Est and tend to be drawn to their attractively priced and classy leathers, so I would advise you to do the same if you get the chance.

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3 Responses to NO ID A/W Collection 2011-12 Rockn’ Roll Revival

  1. brad-t says:

    The leather jackets this season are pretty expensive compared to the brand’s usual pricing! Really cool brand nonetheless. I ordered a rosary from them on sale but other than that I don’t really have experience with them.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Brad-t

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Usually they capped out around the 80000 yen mark (and even that was rare), but in terms of industry trends it is quite clear that people at the mid to high fashion level of the market are preferring to buy one premium item over a bunch of disposable ones. Whereas those at the low end of the market are buying a metric ton of cheap items. I think people want a bit of lasting value these days, but odds on they will end up spending the same amount overall!

    Anyway the are a really cool brand, though like a lot of Japanese brands the contents of the each shop will really vary depending on which one you go to.


  3. Derek Cheung says:

    I noticed one of the outfits is actually a clothing option in Kurohyou 2. The outfit costs 2k USD

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