You may have seen our coverage of Nusumigui’s fantastic art installation in Rocket Harajuku yesterday, but what you won’t have seen is the clothes that accompanied it.  Today that is exactly what we are going to do, and if you are of a fan of beautiful handcrafted fashion with a touch of the credible kawaii then you are in luck.  Nusumigui’s creative approach to fashion is to create the clothes in conjunction with his installation environments, so fabrics that he is using to create his massive plush characters or tent environments also get used in the clothes, as do the motifs, which this time are based on a mouse’s perspective of the world – so expect lots of cheese!

Personally, I like how Nusmigui can be dressed into cute whimsical mori cute outfits, while at the same time, a man (such as the designer himself) can wear it with a decent tan and a trimmed beard and look masculine and cool (albeit very bohemian).

The other thing that I love is the pure joie du vivre and spirit of improvisation.  You won’t be surprised to know that coinciding with the installation was an informal workshop with the designer where you could create your own rubber stamp.  It is all part of the fun and freedom that (should) run through the streets of Harajuku, and I wish for a day when this returns as the dominant force in the area as opposed to the rather cynical interpretation of the spirit of Harajuku is wacky for wacky’s sake that we have seen over the last decade or so.

This is one such fabric that Nusumigui created for the installation (a hand-dyed tablecloth) that would go on to be used in the clothes themselves.

As you would expect, everything is faintly oversized and cartoony, but because everything is relatively muted it feels quite mature.

The big bold shapes really were very striking, and are basically an outfit in themselves.

Outside in the sun we found some of Nusumigui’s regular S/S 2012 collection which you can see here.

If you want to see some styling, then head on over to Nusumigui’s blog here, and needless to say we will be keeping an eye on this guy.

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