To coincide with my reluctant submission to feeling “a bit Christmassy” the other day I thought we were long overdue a collection to get us in the seasonal spirit.  Nusumigui immediately came to mind, being as it is without a doubt the most whimsical brand on the Harajuku fashion scene right now and packed with as many warm blanket-esque designs as you could possibly hope for.  You might want to jump in and call this cute/kawaii fashion, but remember that this is predominantly for men (although unisex) so there is an inherent edge in making clothes this soft for men – a similar theme but touched upon in an entirely different manner to Mikio Sakabe’s latest.

Nusumigui isn’t one to pay attention to seasonal collections, instead focusing on a series of micro-collections that are usually produced alongside an artwork or installation.  It is one of those brands that seems like it could only exist in the climate of Harajuku where art and fashion run together under the banner of creative culture, but it has won fans from throughout Japan and abroad – even speaking as someone who is rarely out of black leather, I too am not immune to its charm.

The latest collection (which we will also have a good look at the accompanying installation in the coming days) is a continuation of the designer’s new Tokyo bohemian aesthetic and each item is packed with a welcome warmth and charm for the season.  To present the work Nusumigui has come up with a story book (he does one for every collection) that showcases the mood and sentiment rather than the clothes as such – but with Nusumigui the two are rather inseparable.

Enjoy the story at any rate and I challenge you not to get swept up in his perfectly festive world:

We will have more whimsical Nusumigui for you very soon indeed, and if you want to see more then the place to do it in person is Macaronic in Harajuku where you can also shop some of Tokyo Fashion Week’s finest, including the ever-elusive Jenny Fax.   Additionally Nusumigui has fairly frequent exhibitions at very short notice so keep an eye on his twitter for the latest news.

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