Yuuma Yamamoku’s brand Nusumigui is a seriously creative powerhouse in Japanese fashion right now that we are glad to see getting the attention it deserves, and at his latest installation we were treated to a complete takeover of the cult gallery / cafe Rocket in Harajuku.  Standing next to a giant plush character that dwarfed the designer, I asked how long it took him to get everything ready, “about a day” came the reply, “but it was a busy one”.  In short, this is a man who does not mess around, preferring his whimsically handmade fashion to have the charm of a doodle done on the spot.  The design process, may only take a moment, but it is the un-refined character that gives it value.

This time we are splitting our coverage into two parts with a look at the actual clothes tomorrow, giving us time to set the scene of the installation today:

His theme this time was of a mouse stealing food from under the table of a human (based on a particularly tall model the designer has worked with in the past), and to take the textiles and shapes of everyday objects from the mouse’s perspective and work it into clothes.

So let us start under the tablecloth where our giant is eating:

These feet were about as tall as I am!

And I love the cartoony attention to detail everywhere, right down to the turn-ups of the trousers.  I am always impressed by people who don’t just talk big, but actually act on it, this is a brand that just exemplifies the spirit of getting swept up in the spirit of creation and leaving pretention behind.

This tree stretched from floor to ceiling, and again, was all handmade by the designer.

I am not usually swept up in the spirit of kawaii or whimsy, but this really works for me.

Nusumigui’s policy of naming everything continued throughout.

This is the story book that they put together to tell the story of what is going on – a level of detail and care that is rare even in Tokyo.

Nusumigui’s mascot looking very smug with his stolen cheese.

Tomorrow we are going to take a look at the clothes, but if you want more right now, then take a look at his last exhibition here.

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