Okay, I’m pretty sure Mother Russia never looked like that before. Leave it to One Spo to take the season concept of ‘Russian Marching Band‘ and run with it! You might recognise the above outfit from One Spo’s catwalk show at Tokyo Girls Collection earlier this month, and aside from the delightfully dark Night Porter, this was one of our top Japanese fashion highlights of the day.

Last time I wrote about One Spo it was all naughty nauticals and anchors and polka dots. Well, replace the anchors with shiny gold buttons and keep the polka dots – the cute and retro (yes, retro again…) has been updated for winter. Think tartan, spots and plenty of little black dresses… the latter being what I’m most excited about. I had a huge wardrobe clear-out the other day (the relocation of Telephone Towers is fast approaching!), and realised that I only own a few dresses; a black velvet skater dress, a black maxi dress and an amazing ’60s vintage number that will probably come to Japan Fashion Week. After pouring over this collection and its plethora of LBDs, I think my love of trousers might one day be superseded by lovely black dresses! Well, maybe..

More tiny and great hats from One Spo. A tiny little wee hat for every occasion. I’m so glad someone’s making them.

Less measles, more polka dots.

Not sure about the furry shoes, but I’m loving the high-end feel of the rest of this ensemble!


I love this. Love it. It would show off my tattoos rather nicely, but the curse of the Long Torso means I’d also be showing off my Unmentionables too. Alas!

I’m really not sure about the cat ears; slightly too Halloween costume (I never though that was possible!), but the yoke and cape sleeves are just darling.

Top hats and PVC shorts? Count me in!

Ah, feeling rather more marching band than cat ears now…

Saving the best of the catalogue ’til last! Going in a slightly different direction from Liz Lisa’s ‘Royal Lady Neo Retro British’ tartan.

A few shots of the One Spo staff, as this is probably a more accurate representation than foreign models in studio shoots;

Kawaii hemorrhage.

Will you be joining One Spo’s Russian Marching Band? Or should the band geeks be left alone? See more at One Spo’s homepage here.

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5 Responses to One Spo: Autumn’s Russian Marching Band

  1. Laura says:

    Would very much like to buy those PVC shorts! Too cute.

  2. Tori says:

    The leather dress. I NEED.

    P.S. I’ve changed my blog url! Please follow me at http://cherripopfiction.blogspot.com now 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    I love this so much *o*

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Thanks for letting me know! I’ll change the url on the phonebook page 🙂

    I think I saw a similar dress on Topshop’s website? That might be easier for you to pick up in the US rather than from Japan!

  5. Rebecca says:

    @ Claire – Thanks so much for getting in touch! Really awesome blog by the way 😉

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