One Spo! I have a bit of an odd relationship with the ‘Spo – a few seasons ago they produced a whole load of great black dresses which seamlessly integrated into my own fashion style, but as often with Japanese brands, come summer it goes a bit too cute… Fear not fans of sweet things; this summer take a trip to the seaside with One Spo and get up to mischief in retro nauticals!


I can’t help but see a bit of a crossover here with Dazzlin’s spring summer looks – the keywords I wrote about at length and repeated a million times earlier this here are also seen in One Spo’s collection: retro, girly, americana, vintage… you get the idea! It does makes for some incredibly cute clothes though, and while Liz Lisa popped off to France and Dazzlin’ explored America, it seems that One Spo took a holiday by the beach. Instead of stars and stripes or florals and frills, there’s plenty of polka dots and enough anchors to sink a few ships! Avast ye, maties and hoist the mainsail!

Shiver me timbers! It’s hybrid maxi skirt/dungarees species – back down to the depths with you, beastie?

A touch of “ethnic” fashion from yonder isles – tempted to make my own ear hook, but it might interfere with the parrot on my shoulder.

Yarr, a couple of cute retro looks – lace gloves and pearly spare collars are perfect for accessorising while up in the crows nest.

Ha-harr, now that’s more like it! Even the parrot approves! A stunning combination – black & white, and yellow and red, polka dots, red lipstick, sheer fabric… way to update nautical style. Love it.

Just so cute I can’t even carry the rubbish pirate talk. Oh dear…

Tiny sailor hats! They do add a slight costume-like element to the mix, but I think a touch of the theatrical here and there isn’t a bad thing.

Best summer trousers – wide leg and slightly cropped.

Yes, the bows are 3d. Amazing.

Just when I thought I was bored sick of nautical themes and spring/summer styles, here comes One Spo! I feel quite refreshed actually, and now I know what I’d wear to bring a bit of the beach to inner-city Tokyo…

PS: Fun fact; I grew up in a tiny seaside town in England – I can still hear those horrible seagulls, argh!

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7 Responses to One Spo – Naughty Nautical Japanese Fashion

  1. Laura says:

    The 3D bow tights are awesome! I love the last coordinate :3

  2. Tori says:

    The ear hook & the yellow top outfit are the best things here. Everything else can definitely can go back under the sea… lol

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Laura – They are great, aren’t they? And quite easily achieved with a glue-gun for those outside Japan 😉

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Perhaps you should release the kraken! 😉

  5. Ellen says:

    It’s all just adorable, I found a lot of really sweet dresses and skirts from One Spo on Poupee Girl earlier, I’m in love!
    Don’t suppose they have a webstore?

  6. Rebecca says:

    @ Ellen – Hello! Thanks for getting in touch!

    They do have a webstore (here), but it’s actually done through either the Sibuya 109 net shop, or I think I’m right in thinking you’ll need a shopping service for both of those options!

    Also, we’re both really loving your Electric Bloom webzine! Mind if I pop a link to you on our phonebook/links page? Do keep in touch!

  7. Ellen says:

    Hey, sorry for such a late reply!
    Yeahhhhhh, I found the site in the end 😛
    I would use a shopping service, but I might just resort to having stuff sent to my friend’s house ^^

    Thanks a lot! Myself and my other half, Charles, run the site together on our own, and we have occassional help from our translator, Isabelle! We’re really glad you like it ^^ please do, we’ll add you to our affiliates list 🙂

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