I have to come clean – here on Tokyo Telephone we only write about things we really like, so I had to leave Lip Service (the gyaru brand, not the gothic one!) and their winter collection gathering dust in the corners of the internet, along with abandoned blogs and old memes. However, I feel like I’ve seen the light of late: it’s grown on me, at last! The post-winter update that many 109 gyaru brands have done has made me do a fashion-opinion 360 on Lip Service, and good on them. Banish those cheap sweaters!

Although Lip Service has definite agejo leanings,  I really enjoyed how they’d managed to work in a more rock vibe to many items – leather jackets, ripped leggings and little leather & lace fingerless gloves to name a few – rock and military are always strong trends for winter seasons and I’m a huge fan of both, so it’s great (for me anyway!) so see a little bit of edge in the normally resolutely feminine agejo trends. I’ll be watching closely to see if Lip Service continue down this rock road during the following seasons. (For a real goth gyaru, see my earlier post on Egg magazine model Nonoka’s style.)

Read on for the cream of the Lip Service crop, plus a model vs. shop staff showdown!

Love the leather sofa & jacket combination! The plaid dress makes think of a much more mature Liz Lisa style

Rips and tears aplenty – something that Japanese designers in the 1980s brought to the high end fashion, and we haven’t looked back since! I really must write a huge article my increasing 80s Japanese fashion love…

Leopard dress and thigh-high boots; I’d keep it grunge with smoky eyes and a studded jacket

I’m head-over-heels for the gyaru faux-hawk! If only I had enough hair…

Bell-sleeves and mini skirts – let’s head back to the 1960s

A few of my favourite accessories; the splatter bag in particular!

As promised, model (right) vs. shop staff (left)

Both models and shop staff represent their brands in fairly similar ways, but I always find the little differences so interesting! I think I side with the staff for the first coordinate, and the model for the second, but what you think?

For more from Lip Service, see the homepage


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3 Responses to Pay Me Lip Service

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  2. Leanne says:

    I agree with you: it’s the rock vibe that has made LS more interesting this year.

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Oh, definitely! Lip Service is a bit on the fence for me, as the quality isn’t always that great (hello, polyester!), but I much prefer the ‘edgy agejo’ style of this winter. I wonder what summer will bring… 😉


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