There’s been quite a buzz around Pink House’s autumn catalogue this year, and with such gorgeous shots and coordinates, it’s easy to see why!

Pink House are great at picking up on certain trends and really making them their own – for example, fur accents, lace detail and natural tan & olive shades have all been seen on the catwalk, but Pink House have taken what appeals to their devotees and created a collection that coexists in harmony with mainstream trends without simply resorting to copycating.

Pink House as a brand has been around since the late 1970s/early 80s, and is credited with being if not the first, then certainly a pioneer of lolita fashion in Japan. Although it may not adhere to modern interpretations of lolita and to modern eyes seems more in line with mori and even dolly style, the roots of the basic look are still the same – we can see repetition of floral themes, layers, and a natural colour palette with a strong sense of the feminine throughout. In the myriad of Japanese fashion sub-styles and individual interpretations thereof, there are crossovers between fashion styles that we may otherwise seek to categorise and compartmentalise.  I highly recommend the lovely Valerie of Tokyo Fashion & Art Factory and her excellent articles and photographs of the lolita, dolly and mori scene in Tokyo.

I think Pink House as a lolita (or ‘feminine’, if we can create an umbrella terms for those fashions that not easily one style or the other!) brand is certainly one worth taking note of if your tastes run in that direction. While their clothing may not wholly fit the cupcake-shaped look & silhouette of modern lolita, the aesthetic is similar one that would benefit any coordination.

What do you think of Pink House? If you’re a lolita/mori/dolly fan, how would you classify them? Would you bother?


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