So, okay, you love lolita fashion, mori and dolly-kei which is all very well and good when it’s frosty outside and you can layer up in velvet, lace and fur – but what about when the weather warms up? What do you do then? Shed layers like a snake-skin trail of clothes leading to and from the forest? Perhaps not. Perhaps Pink House have the answer!

Although my personal style (something that’s quite separate from this site) leans towards stripped-down rock (or a phrase that’s equally as pointless!), I ruddy love Pink House. They put out around four catalogues a year, and each one literally makes me say to myself ‘oooh!’ and then I go off and think about ruffles and patterns and crochet and try to learn how to knit before realising that I’m quite happy with my oversize t-shirts and not be able to knit. Nonetheless, as it’s coming on for mid-March and signs of spring are fast arriving everywhere, I do find myself looking longingly at the Pink House Spring 2011 catalogue…

I have to confess that I’d never heard of Uehara Sakura before – the world Japanese talents is a closed book to me. Stunning dress though!

Beautiful soft crocus-like purple hues, and a fab way to incorporate trousers if you’re so inclined.

Fresh spring blues and green – sock & sandals too!

The adjectives light and airy come to mind…

Very sweet crop trousers, and a country skirt – a touch of the 70s boho, perhaps?

Some details from the above:

Love this antique mint that would look fabulous with everything from hime lolita to classic styles.

Clogs make a reappearance in dusty pink.

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5 Responses to Pink House – Sakura & spring 2011

  1. Lisa says:

    Ooh!! Pink House was completely unknown to me…until now!
    I’m the same – I love frills and totally girliness…just can’t deal with it all the time. Can’t really deal with any style permanently (which is why I hate winter – as much variety as there is with winter styles I *hatehatehatehate* freezing and end up sticking to a couple of key items that don’t turn me into an icicle every time I go out… … … or stay indoors, as the case often is in Japan. ;P)

    But that first dress. Want! I can see myself skipping along a meadow (dodging bugs) and spinning around, hair fluttering in the breeze (wig, hair’s too short) – barefoot (returning home with cut up feet and toes. (T^T)

    Well, that was rather shortlived….but I still want the dress. 😉 I also rather like the ruffle shorts, even though I could never get away with wearing them myself… ^^;

  2. So pretty! Not something that I would wear, but I love to look at it!

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    I’m glad I could show you something new!

    Haha, I know what you mean! As much as I love it, it’s just not me. Ho hum, still lovely to look at 😉


  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Exactly the same for me! Damn Pink House for making me fall in love with ridiculous things.. 😉


  5. Ann Turner says:

    These ARE my kind of clothes and in fact I bought several things when I found your store section of store, last time we were in Japan.
    Please send me a catalogue—-every year. And are there 2011 clothes anywhere? Thank you.
    Ann Turner
    3099 Pacific Heights Rd.
    Honolulu, Hi. 96813

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