Once upon a time (as all the best stories begin), there was Pink House; beloved by natural-kei fans, lolitas, mori girls and dolly-kei lovers, it ruled justly over the Land of the Rising Sun. Even during the harsh winter snows, Pink House provided it’s devotees with beautiful coats, snuggly knitwear and plenty of scarves.

Or in other words, let’s crack on and take a look at Pink House’s winter 2010 collection;

On the ninth day of Christmas Tokyo Telephone sent to me: fairy tales & pink houses.

Last time I wrote about Pink House, I attempted to sort out (if only in my own head) where in terms of Japanese sub-culture fashion it lay – lolita? Natural? Mori? Dolly? I don’t think I came to any real conclusion – Pink House after all is credited with being one of the original brands that produced clothing in this particular style in the 1970s/80s – so it’s easy to see their influence, but hard to place them in today’s fashion categories. So, distinctions aside, let’s just enjoy Pink House just as it is!

Love the touches of black – quite a Victorian/Edwardian feel with those great boots!

Purple and beige and loads of layers!

(Frank Cheyne Pape)

Pink House has a huge variety of influences and one that’s often mentioned in the same breath are Russian fairy tale illustrations – taking a look at the above image published in 1916, the colours in particular can be found within Pink House’s collections: rich tones and jewel-like shades, with organic-based patterns.

I’d love to see a fairy tale heroine rocking the biker jacket coordinate!

Of course, Japan has it’s own long history of fairy tales too:

Love the composition of this illustration across two pages.

Pattern and texture!

… and they all lived happily ever after.

Fairy Tales from Far Japan is available to read online here – I highly recommend it!

If you fancy more Russian art, take a look at the tag on tumblr – a must for any lover of folk and contemporary art.

See more at the Pink House homepage

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  2. When I was in high school I had my mom make a dress in this style for me for prom. I find this style to be beautiful, but way too impractical for everyday wear. Thanks for the post, the images were fun to look at 🙂

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