Stuffed with mince pies, gorging on roast potatoes, too full even to laugh at the rubbish on the television the day after Christmas… welcome to Tokyo Telephone on boxing day! Well, that’s how we plan on spending today – but what about Japan? Boxing day is Japan is much like Christmas: just another day. Sad, but true. So how can we alleviate the post-Christmas doldrums? By dribbling over gorgeous lolita dresses, of course!

Lolita fashion places a large emphasis on ‘brand’ clothing – for better or for worse. When talking about lolita brand clothing, it implies quality, high level of finish and detail and of course an item that is directly associated with the lolita aesthetic. The modern lolita is incredibly lucky – when I first became aware of the subculture almost a decade ago, the only way to get hold of branded lolita clothing was to hope that a friend-of-a-friend travelling to Tokyo would pick up even the smallest trinket on your behalf. It wasn’t all bad though; aside from the occasional lace monster (you know what I’m talking about!), it became a real source of inspirational diy fashion, something I feel that has been slightly lost from current lolita fashion tastes. However, with the majority of popular brand selling their clothes overseas, and the new Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty stores that have opened in San Francisco (Baby also have a shop in Paris – quick, to l’Eurostar!), it’s now easier than ever before to build your lolita brand wardrobe.

I can’t help but feel that the massive rise in the popularity of lolita fashion across the globe is due not only to similar aesthetic tastes, but mainly to the spread of fast internet connections – a couple of clicks and you can connect with other frilly fans on the other side of the world, take a look at the latest brand releases (on Tokyo Telephone, ahem!), and order a new outfit all from the comfort of your own computer screen. Perhaps there’s a distance between the lolita on the street and the lolita presented through the medium of the internet?

Waffle aside, let’s take a look at Angelic Pretty’s Holy Night Story & Twinkle Star;

Angelic Pretty’s two designers and representatives Asuka & Maki have been credited with popularising the saccharine-sweet pastel look that’s come to define Angelic Pretty of late, so it’s great to see something a little different from AP this season.

Although I haven’t dressed in lolita style since I was a teen, I’m really in love with this Holy Night Story jumperskirt! The print is perfect for the holiday season year after year, and I have a huge crush on anything velvet.

Beautiful Angelic Pretty lace; this is why brand has such a high reputation!

The Napoleon-style bodice is amazing! Such an innovative way to work military into lolita fashion without looking too cliché.

Twinkle Star is an unexpected departure from the standard materials found in lolita fashion: instead of cotton and velvet, this series features polyester chiffon layered over satin – something of a no-no usually, but here I feel that it compliments the design and fabric pattern of tiny stars.

With five different colour choices, there’s a dress for every lolita: black for gothic, pink for sweet lovers, and even a blue to almost match the startling shade that Moi-meme-Moitie somehow makes elegant.

See more at the Angelic Pretty homepage


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