Lolita, our notoriously hard to define fashion, has such a huge variety of sub-styles I doubt I could name them all off the top of my head! From sailor to retro to punk, there’s something for everyone in this iconic Japanese fashion style. Today, I’ve chosen to highlight Mary Magdalene & classic lolita;

Classic lolita style immediately comes to mind when hearing lolita compared to Victorian and other ‘antique’ fashions. While it’s not easy to see a direct relation between the somewhat childish prints and over-accessorisation of  sweet lolita, when considering classic the old-fashioned nature of the style becomes more apparent. Classic lolita is characterised by a softer, less defined bell-shaped, silhouette, heavier fabrics such as velvet, and a more muted colour palette. Accessories are kept simple, as are prints and the overall feel is one of refined Victorian elegance…. so no need for giant headbows and bashing people with parasols.

As I mentioned above, classic lolita features a more subdued palette than other lolita styles. However, this doesn’t mean it’s restrictive! As well as the staple colour of black, classic styles can also be found in shades of pink, blue and green – think dusky pink, antique forest & mint green, and palest blue. Rather than white, it’s more common to find ivory and cream, and opposed to red, it’s more likely to be a dark wine or burgundy colour. Not forgetting chocolate brown, navy blue and dusty violet!

I’ve featured the four images above as they show a real representation not only of the classic lolita fashion brand Mary Magdalene, but also illustrate the fact that the days of solely black & white lolita coordinates have pretty much gone the way of the frilly dodo bird. Although black & white as a combination does appear from time to time, it can’t really escape the French maid/cosplay aspect, as with the rectangle (*ahem*sanitarypad*ahem*) headdresses that were hugely popular & de rigueure when I for one was first aware of lolita fashion – ah, the good old days?


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