Well I came across this place when I was looking for somewhere to impress an ex-girlfriend and this place did not disappoint (although the girl in question did…).  Anyway I think Princess Heart falls into the novelty restaurant category, but unlike some restaurants that just are an izakaya with a slight decor shift, Princess Heart is so committed to its Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme that it somehow “works”.

Upon entry you are greeted as princesses and princes before a bejeweled mirror before being ushered forward into your themed dining room of choice.  Drinks and food alike do not betray the theme – although the menu does rather mix-up various fairy tales so prepare yourself to sip cocktails from Cinderella’s own glass shoe:

And various other design over gastronomy dishes

You are either going to feel ridiculous or get into it and I do not mind admitting that I fell into the latter camp…

The restaurant itself is easy to find right in the heart of Ginza and you are going to be spending about 4000 yen per person.  But you do get to keep a bejeweled tiara as a memento of the day which is frankly unnecessary as it is the kind of place you are not going to forget going to – hopefully for the right reasons.

Check it out on Hot Pepper to see if they are running any discounts before you go, and you will need to book.

Ginza 7-8-7 Ginza Green Building 3F – about 5 minutes from Ginza underground.


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