Last time I wrote a personal style post it was mostly concerned with trying something new, namely the male skirt.  But this time I am well and truly in my comfort zone – industrial with black on black on black with a couple of studs thrown in for good measure.  I thought I would go into why this is such a big part of my fashion and why I will always come back to it no-matter how I am distracted elsewhere.

Continue reading for a look into what I have been up to this Spring.  You can expect the usual excess of jewelry with a smattering of high brands next to 109 Mens basics and a surprising amount of Black Peace Now.

One of the highlights of the past month was our visit to Primitive London (you really have to check it out if you are in the UK).  The jumpsuit is Civarise and one of my personal favorites at the moment – I really like the leather cutout sections and pockets.  When I got it I had a choice between this one and a Julius one.  Both were virtually the same price thanks to the Julius being a sample and I ended up with this one, a choice that still surprises me, and yes, I probably should have got both…  Still I do love it, though I do feel like I betrayed one of my fashion idols in the process!

Boots are these beauties that did some serious damage to my fingers in their creation.  I just like the whole worn industrial vibe to the whole outfit, it is the kind of fit you can just chuck around and not worry about.

Rebecca took this photo for me in Daikanyama.  I just saw this coming over the bridge from the embassy part of town on the way to Share Spirit – it just sums up so much of my style in a single picture.  If I am in a shop and being indecisive about whether to buy something or not I just think of this (perhaps with a thumping Witch House soundtrack) and ask myself – does it fit that aesthetic?

And this does.

But I never want it to be too clean or architectural (even when wearing Rick Owens), so I just clutter it up with a mix of organic accessories and trinkets.

I also try and include something that is satisfyingly worn and distressed.  It is good to be reminded that the pursuit of a “flawless” outfit will only leave you frustrated (and with an empty wallet).

See, I don’t just hand around in underpasses and alleys…

I have been wearing these Whoop-De-Doo boots pretty constantly lately.  I guess I am need of another good boot that goes well with leggings / bare legs – recommendations please!

Needless to say I love a good drape.  I am actually working on a silk, sheer and linen wrap at the moment and assuming I don’t make a right hash of it you should see it here soon.

I have enjoyed wearing a bit of bulk, but I think by the time we are into A/W this year I will be trying to go for the tightest upper silhouette I can…

Ah, the Museum of Share Spirit in Daikanyama.  My favorite shop in the whole of Tokyo (and yes I am writing something on it at the moment), this is one place that justifies my whole fashion philosophy.  It is a shop devoted to embracing that some things are timeless and that those are common aesthetics across cultures.  Yes that “list of cool” may get added to in time, but if it makes it into here it will probably be fashionable forever.  Needless to say, there is a lot of black, leather and skulls…

Next look – urban occult.

Indonesian skulls of mammoth size next to Casper and some great Jackrose jeans.

All my accessories have their own history and that which I have attached to them as they live with me.  Outside of a leather jacket, there are not many items of clothing that share that level of emotional pull with me – sometimes I just want to be a canvas for the jewelry.

Another important part of my style (as I mentioned above) is to embrace the disheveled.  I think it just takes the pressure of when you stop fussing that every item is perfect and in perfect condition.  Guess what?  Things rip, things need repairing and you can probably do it yourself.  I suppose I could bring up the Sabi cliche here, but I would rather go on about how inspirational a place like Kitakore in Koenji is, where the spirit of self-customisation runs free – including the building itself!

Most of this is self custom and while it is not as industrial as I would like it to be right now, I still take pride in the fact that I made it / destroyed it myself.  To bring it back to the timelessly cool idea, it can be a great way of adding those kind of imagery to otherwise bland items.  For example the conchos on the leather jacket above are Meiji-era Japanese coins and the coins on the shoes are gold plated French ones.  It just adds a little bit of depth to the otherwise simply aesthetically pleasing.

Perfect example of that point:  I visited my friend who actually lives on this monstrosity.  Yes it embodies an aesthetic, but more importantly every part of it also has a history of its own.  If you truly love fashion it should not be enough to just look good as the sum of your parts, each part must too be of value in its own right.

Maybe that is hard sometimes, but what truly satisfies me in fashion terms is when the story behind each piece echoes both the overall aesthetic and your own values.  I know that that sounds a bit lofty from a guy who basically wears nothing but black, but this is a personal thing and I am personally quite happy to obsess over the patina of silver and the depths of black – as well as the design’s history, the designer’s history, the brand’s history and my own history with it.

Oh well, try as you might to get into your own personal style, you ultimately find yourself in an environment which does not fit.  Even if you live on that boat above you are still going to go to the supermarket or stand in line in some government building looking very out of place.

Maybe that is a story for another time – finding the environment to match your own aesthetic.  But for now I suppose the best you can do is be an ambassador for your own style wherever you may go.

Back to the underpass I think:

See you soon…

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2 Responses to Private No9

  1. Tori says:

    That second pair of pants with the brown ‘paint splatter’ (?) effect are badical ♥ Love the look & feel of all of these~

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Thank you!

    Those trousers are actually made of a mix of denim and shiny bronze threads. I just isolated the black threads and partially pulled them out. It only took me about 20 minutes to do the whole front of the jeans – it was just difficult to know when to stop…


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