qr is a brand that really should be on your Japanese fashion radar by now, and even though it is a relative newcomer (graduate collection here) to the scene, it is getting a lot of positive attention from the likes of Wut Berlin amongst others, who appreciate just how perfectly formed every single item in the small line up is.  The concept of the collection and brand in general is a flowing take on the usually stark and brutalist approach favored by the dark artisanal crowd.  Instead of distressing the fabrics, soft flannel or raw wool is employed, and instead of straight lines and jutting panels you are going to struggle to find an edge that isn’t a  curve.  It is a gentle approach to monotone that seems to fit the Tokyo of the moment more than the aggression of the previous generation typified by Julius.  Taking the idea of kawaii back to its original meaning of vulnerability and the celebration of pathos, rather than the pastel nightmare moving towards its logical conclusion we are seeing elsewhere, you could say that this is a kawaii version of the dark artisan movement.  I will leave you with that thought as we have a look through the collection:

The structure of the coat here makes the body appear smaller, as do the very short sleeves, which once again plays with the idea of vulnerability and weakness, while all the while being a fantastically bold look for the streets of Tokyo.

Even the basics widen as they head down the body, a great silhouette that also makes the wearer look vaguely frail.

Pretty much the only bold line in the collection is the white exerts on the shorts above.

Love the shapes on this jacket above.

This is actually a tsunagi (all-in-one) and looks great when worn by men or women.

The most important thing to remember about this collection is that it is entirely unisex, this isn’t about female gentility or vulnerability, it is an aesthetic in itself free of gender.

On to the showroom and you can see some of the items in slightly better detail:

Designer Ryoju Kishi has a good eye for restraint, just look how those pockets flow into the garment.

I have no further reading on qr just yet, but you can actually buy this line online at Wut Berlin here – and yes they do ship internationally.

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