The time has come, my friends, to talk again about tea. Tea, as I’ve previously mentioned, is a daily necessity for me and many others. In Japan however, it’s coffee that reigns supreme. Down with the cruel bean regime! Tea is the true path to beverage enlightenment!

During our Tokyo trip in May, I decided to make notes on the cups of tea I drank in order to help others on their quest for a cuppa – and incase I need to remind myself too! Here’s part one of my tea adventure:

Vie de France: Darjeeling blend, no milk and an incredibly long brewing time. Vie de France’s salads almost make up for the tea, but this is not a brew for those in a hurry.

Excelsior Caffe: royal milk tea – thankfully not overly sweet, but for some reason there’s just coffee creamer instead of milk. Another infiltration by the coffee crew! Close, but doesn’t quite have the biscuit-dunkability factor.

Gundam Cafe: No. Not even if you love Gundam.

Doutour: royal milk tea – tastes like a malted milk drink. Good for young children, old ladies and those needing to banish insomnia.

Check back tomorrow for part two!


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One Response to Quest for a Cuppa, pt 1

  1. Sarah says:

    Have you ever been to Afternoon Tea? I go there quite a bit… I get some caramel tea with milk and a couple of scones and jam with clotted cream!

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