Down with the cruel bean regime! Tea is the true path to beverage enlightenment!

Tea adventure, part two:

Cheese Cake Factory: custard pudding tea Рthe name alone should have tipped me off! It really is the unholy alliance between pudding and cake and tea in a cup. Not suitable for those sensitive to sugar or with diabetes.

Cheese Cake Factory: royal milk tea ice-cream float – by this point my senses had be so dulled by the lack of caffeine that I was ready to try anything. Crazily enough, it does taste of tea! Although I wouldn’t have it again in a hurry, it’s always good to introduce a sense of danger, don’t you think?

Tully’s: royal milk tea – again, tastes like a milky drink. I think it’s because the standard teabag in Japanese cafes is Darjeeling rather than an English Breakfast blend that you’re more likely to find in the UK. I can see it growing on me, but I’ll never forget Proper Tea.

Tully’s: original tea – by this point, I was ready to hand in my teaspoon and succumb to the sweetness of royal milk tea. On a whim, I tried Tully’s’ original tea… I knew after the first sip: I had finally found Proper Tea in Tokyo.

So there you have it friends, original tea at Tully’s is what you’ll find me drinking. If you can get over it, go for the royal milk tea with Darjeeling, but start looking for a good dentist as soon as possible! And whatever you do, no matter how great the Gundam Cafe is… don’t count on giant robots for a decent brew. There’s a lesson for us all in there somewhere.


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