The House of Reem’s contribution to the Tokyo fashion season is always very much appreciated, even if its very purpose is to subvert the format of the official week and how fashion is presented in Tokyo.  Designer Reem presents her collection in an entirely fused fashion, uniting ready to wear and couture into a single show, that is too a mix of street and high fashion, presented outside infront of the hub of Harajuku fashion – LaForet.  This element of fusion was evident throughout the installation style presentation, from the setting with its gorgeous chandelier dotted with bones, to the clothes themselves which fused hand-dyed silk cocktail dresses to studded biker jackets with absolute abandon.

It is an approach that has won her many hardened fans in Japan, not least Hikaru Katano (whose brand Share Spirit we looked at recently), keen to live in her world.  As you have probably gathered the work is a mix of vintage and new items, taking re-make fashion to a logical conclusion where the lines are so blurred as to defy definition.  Everything is so deconstructed, so repurposed and so customized, but at the same time all the references so familiar that it is actually quite easy not to look closer and catch every last detail – something I advise you to do.

The show took place in the entrance space of LaForet, providing an inclusivity largely absent from Tokyo Fashion Week proper, and needless to say, with work like this, the show stopped traffic.

Immediately after the show Reem opened her shop in the entrance space to LaForet which was open to the general public for the following month.  Once again, subverting how seasonal fashion is delivered to the consumer.

The shop was as you might expect, curated in its entirety and a portal into the Reem world.

Thematically it was great to see our own UK colours well represented.

It is certainly a mix, but a surprisingly cohesive one.

I love the mix of authentic military, right down to the medals, contrasting with the high class lace, but also vintage beer mats worn as a sash.

For more on the House of Reem you will want to go here where you can also follow her on Twitter to find out when the next show might be.

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  1. BIG DAVE KNOWS! says:

    the japanese luv abit of dirty lace!!

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