Remain Silent is a relatively new brand, and my first contact was when their catalogue was thrust into my hands along with the words “it’s a bit like Comme des Garcons!” – how on earth could I resist?

Although Comme des Garcons comparisons are rarely on the mark (how could anyone but Rei Kawakubo envision such a consistently unique outcome?), but in this I think it’s pretty well justified as half of the creative partnership behind Remain Silent (Kenji Takenouchi and Satoshi Ishihara) worked as a pattern-maker for CdG – Takenouchi now brings his vision to his own brand, and of course us consumers are the lucky ones who benefit! I shouldn’t mention Comme des Garcons too much in conjunction with Remain Silent as it’s always difficult for young brands to step out of the shadows of their more established contemporaries, but I will say that I think Remain Silent is on to a bit of a winner in my opinion.

I think I’m already a fan of Remain Silent, if that’s possible. It’s ticking all the right boxes for me: black and white, masculine details, oversize shapes, and some pretty interesting leatherwork too. This spring summer collection is titled ‘Play Relaxation’, and while leather and straps may not be everyone’s idea of relaxation, the long lines, drapes and softened suits certainly add up to the kind of clothing that you’d be equally excited to wear on the street or just at home.

Although it’s presented on a female model, I’d argue that it’s fairly unisex and I’m sure Samuel and I would be more than happy to share several items as part of our ever-growing joint wardrobe. I’ve already ear-marked several pieces for myself, including the leg-strap bag, leather sleeve harness and maybe the long length jacket too… Oh, the possibilities! Is there anything more exciting in life than planning future outfits? Well, probably, but for a fashion nerd like me, even if said outfit is never purchased or put together (I’m a champion window-shopper!), I’m happy just to drift away in my own thoughts, dreaming of Remain Silent.

If, like me, you’re itching to get your hands on something from Remain Silent, then I’m very happy to say that it will be stocked in Harajuku La Foret’s Scramble Market (one of our favourite places, and thanks for the heads-up!) from February – set those alarm clocks now!

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