Okay, saying ‘new’ might be stretching it a bit when it comes to Resexxy, but this is the latest brand to come from fast-fashion behemoth company Mark-Styler. Not for the first time am I wondering if there’s a real person behind this: Mr. Styler in his plush office, seated in a vast leather chair and exclaiming “Yes! What we need is a more mature brand, capable of capturing the imagination of the new breed of elegant gyaru! Let’s call it… Resexxy – with two xs, of course!” I’m sure the reality is far more dull – focus groups, surveys and careful market analysis, but I like the idea of a real Mr. Mark Styler single-handedly controlling a large part of the Japanese fashion industry.

I think it’s pretty interesting that Resexxy debuted at the end of last year, right around the same time as Liz Lisa’s similarly more mature side-line Juge Etta – to me, this just says that the influx of more the toned-down mature gal style that started appearing the past three to four years has now firmly found it’s feet in terms of mainstream fashion. Whether you’re a fan of this new image (it’s less Egg and more CanCam) or not, it’s a pretty safe bet that’s not going away any time soon. In a way, While I think it’s a shame that much of the edginess, rebelliousness and empowerment of traditional gyaru styles has been lost along the way, I think that in terms of one’s own fashion journey it’s important to explore and define your own style – I’m sure Resexxy will appeal to a vast number of girls who want to look fashionable yet remain elegant.

Currently only available online, this spring’s collection from Resexxy has been influenced by the idea of these girls strutting the streets of New York – known for their daring and classy style, they stay on trend with an open mind (I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea…). Key looks for this season from Resexxy are plenty of dresses, floral prints, marine stripes and a lovely oversize blazer that would compliment every outfit. While there’s nothing that really pushes the boundaries of contemporary Japanese fashion, this is a solid second collection that’s sure to win Resexxy even more fans.

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2 Responses to Resexxy – New Brand, New Collection – Spring 2012

  1. brad-t says:

    These mature Gal brands are becoming a dime a dozen … this is nice, but it’s not different from anything else you could get at Forever 21, H&M, or 109 already. I wonder how many of these brands will be left once the dust settles.

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Brad – I think it’s quite interesting that Mark-Styler have taken this option as well now. I think they’re usually quite edgy, so it’s different to see them going for something with real mass-appeal.

    We’ve seen a HUGE influx of this kind of style over the past couple of years, and I don’t think it’s going away soon… for better or for worse! 😉

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