For this spring and summer RNA have decided to look back at everybody’s favourite era, and put a little rock and roll back into Tokyo fashion again! I really love this style, and it seems I’m not the only one: GVGV’s 2012 collection also featured a heft amount of rockabilly-influenced clothing – however, while GVGV featured high-end peplums and tailoring, RNA’s “nutty rockabilly girl” is a little more relaxed. This collection centres around tight trousers, boots, wingtips, flared skirts and bold prints that are sure to set retro hearts fluttering.

I guess that at this point I should confess that I really don’t know too much about this kind of rockabilly style: having been interested in Japanese fashion for so long it kinda passed me by and I’ve never dressed this way, but when Samuel lets me have control of the music at Telephone Towers (a constant source of ‘discussion’ here: he likes Morrissey, and I definitely don’t) I have been known to blast out a bit of Stray Cats from time to time! Despite this, I can really get behind RNA’s 50s/80s fashion fusion: juicy cherries, checkerboard, music notes, studded shoes and cute hats – count me in.

My personal picks from this collection would have to be the lovely pastel pink Teddy Boy jacket with soft grey collar and cuffs, the Sailor Jerry-style tattoo printed shirt and the black and white check suit – perfect with those wingtips. I think there’s a lot in this collection to appeal to people like me who maybe necessarily interested in the complete rockabilly lifestyle (even though I do quite fancy a good quiff/DA, if only my hair was compliant!), but do appreciate fantastic timeless design re-imagined in modern fashion terms and available at department stores across Tokyo…

Red glasses and red shoes.

Tattoo designs on denim – really tempted to do some custom work on my old jeans now!

Love this jacket so much.

This whole outfit is just lovely.

While the famous rockabilly dancers may have left Yoyogi park behind them for now, it’s good to see that rock and roll is still alive and kicking in Tokyo – for a taste of authentic Japanese rockabilly fashion, head down to Pink Dragon (between Shibuya and Harajuku): Tokyo’s original sellers. Just look out for those pink columns!

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5 Responses to RNA’s Nutty Rockabilly Girl Collection

  1. brad-t says:

    One of the best womens’ collections I’ve seen in a while. Nice to see something away from the weird and more wearable, more badass.

  2. Sami says:

    So many awesome pieces! Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Brad – Badass indeed! 🙂

    When you say “away from the weird”, do you mean here on TT or in Japanese fashion in general?

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Sami – Glad you like it! All of this would look amazing on you 😉

  5. Kate B says:

    I love almost everything in this collection which is a first for me and RNA. The 4th and 5th outfits (red shoes and tattoo denim) are gorgeous and like Brad says it’s wearable, not too ‘bubble-gum’ cute but not too masculine either.

    Payday can’t come soon enough (T^T)

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