Today we are going to look at both the men’s and women’s from the bastion of Japanese street style that is Roar.  The theme for this collection, Western, has helped them stick closer than ever to their core influences of American casual style, that is all channeled through a bit of Tokyo decadence that ensures every available inch is filled with Swarovski crystals, embroidery and conchos.  No bad thing either, as wherever you go in the world, this is pretty much the accepted face of cool, and the only people who are a bit sniffy about it are fashion connoisseurs who seem to be unaware that most people in Tokyo who wear, say, head to toe Julius, do tend to coordinate it as below.  So timeless cool, mixed with some seriously luxurious fabrics and details, what is not to like?

I also find Roar a good barometer for what it going to be big at the 109 (both men’s and women’s) level of the market, and if Roar is anything to go by, then we might be seeing return to flamboyant American casual with lots of cowboy references packed in.  Personally, a street filled with sturdy boots, fringing and black punctuated with piercing turquoise is no bad thing and you really can’t go wrong with this absolute nonchalance and classic cool.

First up is the men’s, with a slightly foppish play on the classic Roar look:

Doesn’t it make you want to run out and buy some kohl?  Oh, and don’t miss out on the inlayed guns on the back of the boots

On to the women’s:

As ever, very strong, feminine and a bit LA – in particular I like how a couple of items from the menswear have turned up in the women’s.  The winning items for me are the fringed skirts and those beautiful leather gloves.

If you want to see more then there is the official site here, and there are actually a good amount of boutiques that stock this worldwide.  If you are in Tokyo then Royal Flash in Harajuku or Kawano in Shinjuku are definitely your best bets to check it out in person.

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2 Responses to Roar A/W 2012-13 Collection – Western

  1. brad-t says:

    I find the choice of model for the menswear collection pretty ambitious. Roar never struck me as the brand of choice for eyeliner dudes.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    Roar is also favored by hosts and the slightly V-kei orientated as well. I mean it sells out of Royal Flash which is frequented by a lot of very metrosexual guys. So all in all, I would say that the model fits the kind of guys who I see wearing it in Tokyo.

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