Is that Isamu Katayama of Backlash wearing Roar?  Yes sir it is!  Oh and is that Miyavi, Teru from Glay and the actor Shogen all in a single lookbook?  Once more, your eyes do not lie.  Who else could gather, and I am going to take a deep breath here:

Shogen, Teru of Glay, Hiroshi Shinagawa, Ken Watabe of Un-jash, Koji Ueno of the Hiatus, Akakage the DJ , Naoyuki Hujimoto of ex BY-SEXUAL, Motokatsu Miyagami of The Mad Capsule Markets, the Samurai Guitarist that is Miyavi, and, well, I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  This is a lookbook where every single page features a different Japanese A-list celebrity (or at the very worst B-list talent) and is possible the best representation of why Roar is a brand that matters and will, as ever, keep on selling.  This collection will mark exactly 10 years of Roar being, along with Roen and Mastermind Japan, one of the biggest names in Japanese menswear and as you have now gathered, the designer Hamanaka has gathered all of his friends to celebrate the anniversary.

If anything it demonstrates the ability of his work to be a fine fit for a whole different range of styles, as demonstrated by the veteran actors well into their 40s looking the part next to young musicians busy filling their skin with tattoos.  As ever, Miyavi, who we last saw performing in Paris for Mihara Yasuhiro here, looks the part, but then again as I said before, they all do.  This is the realm of classic cool after all, and as a man you can rarely go wrong with a good bit of denim, military and workwear.  The fact that Roar always pushes the boat out on the details and crams in prints, embroidery and of course, the iconic crossed guns motif in studs, is the icing on that particular cake.  In short, it may now exist outside of the fashion of the moment, given that Roar used to be the one to create trends, but it is a fine collection celebrating what Roar does best.

So here’s to 10 years of luxury streetwear, love and peace, and Roar:

A bonus point to anyone who recognized all of them first time, and ten for anyone who can pick out the designer Saburo Hamanaka (actually very easy seeing as he never shows his face…).

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3 Responses to roar S/S 2012 10 Year Anniversary Collection

  1. jana says:

    Thanks for solving the mystery of the guy with his back turned at the camera! While I have no clue about the actors, with so many favourite musicians included, it really bothered me who he was. Now onto the question of why on earth they chose white for Ueno Kouji…

  2. Samuel says:

    @ jana

    Well at first I did wonder, because I knew he was in the lookbook, but there were also some actors / dancers who I also had no idea about. For all I knew he could have been one of them until I checked them out.

    As for Ueno Kouji, apparently they all had some say in their outfits so I am afraid that is probably down to him!


  3. jana says:

    Ookay, thanks for the info. That’s quite a surprise – but then again, I don’t really care what he’s wearing as long as he’s rocking on stage.

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