Surely it can’t have escaped your notice that at the end of of July a lot of people gathered together and braved the rain and mud (and scary toilets) to celebrate their love of music – yes, Fuji Rock festival! Samuel and I couldn’t make it along this year, but on a mission from the Tokyo Telephone Operators was friend of the Telephone, the lovely Lisa of the excellent IchigoichieLove, who has written us a very special guest post. Get ready for festival fashion, ponchos, rabbits, and um, lots of glorious mud…

Fashion Rocks Fuji

If I had to describe Fuji Rock Festival 2011 in three words, it would be these: Music. Rain. Fashion.

Not necessarily in that order. However, despite rather dreary conditions, spirits were high and the fashion – true to form in Japan – was immaculate.

Perhaps it’s the nature of Fuji Rock itself, but any other festival drenched with rain would equal a sea of grey, brown and murky green (with some sparse scatterings of neon yellow and orange for the safety conscious): the traditional rainy day wear of the West. Not so in Naeba. Although ponchos, rain boots and leggings were prevalent, practicality is apparently no excuse to lose your fashion-consciousness. Quite the opposite in fact.

As I hunted potential victims to pose for me, I was hoping to find a correlation between the bands/artists they were most excited to see that day and what they were wearing.

The most popular among all attendees that I asked were Coldplay, Manu Chao and CSS.

(R: I love this woman – she’s just so happy!)

Unfortunately, given the combination of the damp weather conditions and my shyness, I wasn’t about to ask to peer underneath their ponchos looking for band t-shirts or other related fashion items. What I did find though, was that well-known hiking brands were ubiquitous, as were bright colours and cute accessories. All coupled with cheerful smiles and keen anticipation for upcoming performances.

Perhaps next year everyone’s bright sunshiney demeanour will be reflected in the sky and we’ll be able to see what lies beneath the rain gear.

Well, one can always hope, right?

(R: I have no idea what’s going here, Lisa! Haha!)

(R: The guest blogger herself, sporting next season’s key look; a bicycle cover from the 100Yen shop. Love it!)

Huge thanks to Lisa for doing such a brilliant job of capturing the fashionable festival spirit at 2011’s Fuji Rock! I can’t say that I’m one for mud and rain myself (even though I’m British!) but I am feeling very inspired to break out the wellington boots – perhaps a pink poncho would be a step too far?

Catch up with all the latest and greatest at Lisa’s very own Tokyo blog, and for all the best bits from the festival take a look at the Fuji Rockers site, and Lisa’s column there too.

Now, where’s my umbrella….?


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7 Responses to Rocking Out at Fuji Rock! (Festival Fashion and Rabbits?)

  1. Lisa says:

    Cheers for the opp! Was a heap of fun running around harassing people with an excuse! ^^)b
    My only regret is that I missed one shot of a 2 year old sporting a CHOPPER RAINCOAT!!! (the hood was his hat!)
    I was helping her mom push a baby carriage up a muddy hill, so I guess I get some karma points there at least.
    I’ll be more seasoned for next year! 😉
    ….and hopefully more dry. I won’t be spending tons of cash on rain gear any more at least, that bicycle cover was perfect!

  2. Lisa says:

    Ohhh and for the record I have no idea what was going on with those guys either… but I literally chased them down for that shot during the pre-fest party night. ^^)/

  3. Tori says:

    This was such a cool post! ♥ I saw some snapshots on another blog of this festival & it looks like it was so much fun! I definitely would have braved the rain, damp & MUD for this, haha! Everyone looks great too 😀

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Lisa – Aw, a baby Chopper! Amazing! Yes, I hope it’s dry too…

    Haha, do y’know, I’m quite glad you have no idea either! I’m happy to leave it all as a total mystery! 😉

  5. Rebecca says:

    @ Tori – Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  6. […] here at Tokyo Telephone, and delivered a fantastic fashion report from Fuji Rock festival – take a look her article here, and personal blog here too. (How many rabbits can you […]

  7. ash says:

    thanks for the pictures! ill be heading out to fuji rock this year for the first time and am kind of nervous about what to pack!

    Quick question – i see alot of folks wearing wellies with the “B” brand. can i ask what brand of wellies are those? they seem really comfy and appropriate for the festival.


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