After Part 1 of our Rooms 26 coverage where we looked at the abundance of traditional Japanese aesthetics set to make waves in Japanese fashion this A/W 2013-14, we thought we were long overdue a look at the new and just where young designers are getting their inspiration from.  First up is fresh talent DARIO, whose conceptual all-white collection where he fused animal parts with tailoring will be familiar to regular readers of this site, but now he is thinking about clothes people might actually wear one day, his work is positively brimming with colour.

Still, the childish wonder of that conceptual collection is still very present and this time he is splicing unlikely items of clothing together, something which works especially well in his very eye-catching skirted shirt pieces.

Elsewhere his use of embroidery to create uncanny overlays over the garments feels fresh and finishes off the walking illustration vibe nicely.

I think it is safe to say that DARIO has the right kind of attention on him right now, and he will be one to watch this next season and beyond.

As always the 108 section of the trade show provided an alternative view of what youth fashion could look like – that is if it was led by fashion pioneers and not street level trends.

Interestingly it was Korean brands being pushed in this youth orientated fashion area, and it will be interesting to see who bites first, the boutiques, or will the street level import it for themselves?

Internet culture was clearly a big influence behind many brands, and there was arguably no better example than this recent Bunka University graduate who themed his first retail collection around Tumblr – why not check out ours?

Elsewhere this collection was themed around roomwear, both in fabrics and a silhouette that was straight out of bed.

Rooms is always a good place to spot people who need a little taming before they are ready for prime time, but unless you are in fashion education, this is one of the few chances to catch people when they are raw and bursting with ideas.

Elsewhere there were the usual range of design led products in displays that can’t fail to stop you in your tracks.

We have looked at this brand before – they make everything out of wicker, but this season their range had extended to a wearable accessories range beyond the fantastic showpieces.

New jewelry brand Pug Na Emily had probably the cutest mascot of the day, but more of them very soon.

Craft led accessories are definitely set for a renaissance, especially those with a small DIY element like the above charm bracelets you make yourself,

and these beautifully made patches, for you to decide their use.

Next stop in the Japanese fashion season is Tokyo Fashion Week itself, and needless to say we will have the brands that matter then.  In the meantime, treat this as a hint of what is to come and hopefully the week itself will throw up its fair share of surprises.

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