Compared to our last visit to Tokyo Fashion Week’s biggest trade show roomsLINK where we focused on the rapidly expanding otaku/pop culture trends (read it here), this time we are going to have a look at some of the best gimmicks, details and general vibes that are going to define the next season of Japanese fashion.  Join us for a look at what is going to be the biggest trends coming to Tokyo this A/W 2012-13:

A great close-up of Mikio Sakabe’s oversized knits.  These were just fantastically well detailed and would just define an outfit all by themselves.

But it wasn’t all bright and street fashion friendly.  The Viridi-Anne footwear diffusion line was looking brilliant and should appeal to leather and artisanal fashion aficionados.

Atsushi Nakashima was having fun with a bit of futurism and was incredibly well received by visitors.

One minor theme was a couple of designers were doing clothes that you cut to suit you.  In the case of the above, both the arms and body of the above could be trimmed without affecting the lining so you could choose your own length.

A surprising amount of designers were doing either home-ware or home furnishings as part of their collection.  I think we are definitely going to be seeing more diversity and lifestyle items this coming season.

A perfectly conceived concept that I think Rebecca was rather taken with from bortsprungt.

3D knitwear was everywhere at roomsLINK, even though it was Christian Dada’s that would steal the show overall despite this great jumper from RBTxCO.

Another great idea from bortsprungt – jam was actually their collection theme.

Luxurious fur meets street style.

Wut Berlin’s international designers looking sharp as ever.

Nozomi Ishiguro’s accessories and eyewear – knowing him the glasses at the top will enter production.

Don’t forget that there are smatterings of kids and even pet clothes at roomsLINK too.

The best selection of sunglasses you will ever see – expect more from these guys on Tokyo Telephone soon.

Likewise Transvestite’s latest is definitely going to get featured soon.

Well there you have it, some vibes to give you an idea of what is coming our way this next season.  Obviously a good number of these brands are going to get their own features soon, but until then consider this a little teaser…

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