Royal Necro Designs is a Kyoto based silversmith who we last saw on this site during the Skull Cup silver accessory competition last year (here if you missed it).  He has a pretty traditional background in fine arts compared to the large number of silver designers who arrive at their calling after years in engineering, dentistry (seriously, very common – it is all down to the carving experience) and tattooing.  This has lead to work that is deliberately thoughtful with a strong message compared to being a matter of simply re-producing the usual symbols and motifs.  Granted most of this interpretation involves skulls so is a mostly a muse on the nature of mortality, but it is nice to think that there is substance behind the work beyond the artist’s indubitable skill.

For me Royal Necro is best summed up by clean lines, and neatly defined areas of meticulous polishing next to organically wrought gradients.

Take for example this Masonic inspired ring – I love how it has the perfect finish you would associate with conventional jewelry, and this subtly raw eye in the centre with a nice amount of gradient and almost hand-drawn lines framing it in the triangle.  I can just get lost in work of this quality.

He has a good number of classic skull designs available in all the usual precious metals but all brass, bronze and copper.  Increasingly people are going for different metal combinations and there are a good number of things you can do to counteract the dreaded green tinge that these metals can leave on your skin.

The dotted detail on this ring is something I haven’t seen done too often and looks fantastically morbid on this one.

Royal Necro’s early work has pretty clear Giger and bio-mechanical influences compared to the more literal skull based current work you have seen thus far.

This mottled skull on a perfect infinity band would look fantastic in precious metals (shown here in copper).

This traditional setting has a nice amount of detail worked into it without being fussy.  The hints of red in the recesses on the sides are achieved with a rhodium plating.

My personal choice is this Socrates ring – perfect.

Royal Necro seems to be moving in a more occult direction with new work like this and seems to marking out a nice niche for himself.

A subversive skull for the besuited amongst us.

And the coolest seal around, although I won’t be replacing my carved horn one anytime soon.

If you want to see more and buy online then there is an official site and blog here.

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3 Responses to Royal Necro Designs – Silver Accessories with Meaning

  1. Andrew says:

    That Socrates ring is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in silver. I probably know at least half a dozen people that would never wear skull rings that would love having an amazingly crafted Socrates ring on their finger.

    As for the skulls, absolutely stunning, and I like that you can get the same designs in different metals (and coming with a discount doesn’t hurt!). In particular the brass version of the copper one above I think you could just about convince me was a real decomposing skull that was just dug up . And totally love that he does a tie pin and cuffs, how much more subversive can you get!

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Andrew

    I know, skulls can be quite divisive and horned skulls even more so. I guess it is a throwback to biker culture and vanity rings before that, but you can’t get away from it as the primary motif in male jewelry. I am with you in wanting to see more expressive ideas, and I would be more than happy to wear more cameos of certain philosophers and thinkers, as that is definitely a symbol I would want to stand by for life.

  3. Love the skull jewelry

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