Even amongst seasoned Japanese fashion aficionados the world of L.G.B., 14th Addiction, Share Spirit, KMRii et al is something of a closed book.  Their main stockists are a well-kept secret, often requiring a journey in an unmarked elevator to find or in the case of Bedrock a journey down a plain staircase concealed in the back of a cafe in Omotesando…  Even in this internet age where it is impossible to stop the spread of information this group of brands have managed to keep a fairly low profile with their mystique well and truly intact.  From that introduction you might well assume that either their pricing or clientele was limited to the celebrity end of the market, but this is not the case at all.  While it is true that a good number of Japanese celebrities are clad head to toe in the stuff, they are actually incredibly customer focused and their catwalk shows put on purely for their fans and not for the press.  Having said all that I would like to see more people familiar with the output of the respective brands that are part of the S.Curve Studio presentation beyond what turns up on auction sites or in blurry pictures taken on the sly in their stockists.

The presentation at S.Curve this year for A/W 2011-12 was an outdoor affair with a D.J, food, fire dancers to keep the crowd of customers entertained and naturally a catwalk show after.  The show itself had the notable Kyoto flower arranger – Baian  – on stage arranging the models head pieces live on stage as well as short A/W collections from each of the brands which I have collated below:

KMRii with “Spiritual Machinery”.

14th Addiction with “Neo Victorian Riders”.

Catorce with “Back to Black”

Gunda with “Tribal Mix”

If Six was Nine with “Creature”

Share Spirit with “Black Angel”

Some special outfits made by Share Spirit for the show:

And finally one of the fabulous fire dancers:

Just to give you an idea of the actual show itself, here was the outside stage:

A model having her hair arranged on stage:

And some difficult to grab action shots:

In terms of the fashion itself, this could have quite simply come from any of the brands in the last 5 years or so, but that is precisely the point and why these brands do not play the “fashion game”.  Their style is that of timeless cool: tribal, biker, religious imagery, military and so on that is rarely changed by the tides of trend based fashion.  Yes, sometimes there is crossover, but long after the mainstream has go bored of the Mad Max apocalyptic, 14th Addiction will be keeping the burning man vision alive.  I suppose you might say that this group of brands united by S.Curve represent the other side of Japanese street fashion to that proposed by the ever-changing streets of Harajuku.  This is an ode to the timeless and I am aware that it will probably outlive me.

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