Sasquatch Fabrix is a brand that I have long tipped as the next from the Japanese menswear stable to make it big internationally, and were it not for the criminally high yen (at the time of writing anyway), I believe it would be already.  More than any brand on the Tokyo men’s fashion scene it plays to the strengths of Japanese designers with a focus on quality and quirk, but whereas Phenomenon might take their quirk from 90s skater culture or Blackmeans theirs from the old bikers of Tokyo, Sasquatch Fabrix take theirs from the history of Japan itself.  It is odd to think that outside of the Japonica movement that takes traditional Japanese imagery, tattoo culture and occupation era US troop for its fashion callings, there are precious few menswear designers who so obviously reference traditional Japanese fashion in their work.

In their last collection the design duo behind the brand “Wonder Worker Guerrilla Band”, looked right back to working class Japanese clothes as far back as Meiji (here if you missed it), but this time their muse is the street fashion of 1950s Japan.  So it is a little bit preppier than the hakama we saw last time, but it still feels quintessentially Japanese all the same.  The tailoring takes its cues from the dance hall craze of the time, and there is something very dapper but relaxed at the same time in the jackets, but kept up to date with cropped straight legged trousers.  At any rate I think you are going to like this one:

The “razzle dazzle” is a reference to the peacocking courtship that would go on in the fifties dance-halls of Tokyo – a better time than the crude nampa of modern Tokyo!

If you want to see more and buy, then LN-CC (link to your right) is your best international stockist, and they even have some great bits left in their summer sale right now for cheaper than you can get in Tokyo.  If you are in the city, Isetan Mens in Shinjuku or Garden Harajuku will get the job done nicely.  Finally I should also add that this collection marks the 10 year anniversary of the brand – congratulations!

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2 Responses to Sasquatch Fabrix A/W 2012-13 – Razzle Dazzle

  1. Randy says:

    I guess the design of Sasquach fabrix is different than the majority design of the other Japanese men clothing brand, isn’t it?
    By the way, thanks for your info back then Sam, about the discount!
    I really got the items that I wanted! with high sale of course. 😀

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Randy

    Great to hear you got what you were after! And yes, Sasquatch Fabrix are in a real league of their own right now, they aren’t too far off conventional menswear, but the Japanese heritage touches they throw into the mix are simply fantastic.

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