Share One’s Fate picks up where Gaboratory left off, and that is not a comparison I make often or lightly.  Due to a tragically premature passing, we never got to see what Nagy Gabor would have created later on down the line, not that that is necessarily a bad thing when you have a legacy like his, and I am glad that his iconic designs are still being made.  However, I am also all for progress which is where Share One’s Fate comes in with a fresh eye on classic gothic motifs and techniques.

The brand’s name comes from the wish of the designer that each and every piece will share the owner’s life and story and live with them if you will.  That has always been the charm of silver for me, that even though silver and platinum are technically more hardwearing they are usually cast so thin (to get the cost down to earth) that they are actually pretty flimsy all things considered, nice thick silver on the other hand is not going anywhere.  Thanks to that, I have jewelry I have owned for over a decade that has been beaten, scratched and never polished that will still be on my fingers in a couple of decades time – and most importantly, look better for the journey that it has taken with me.

Continue reading for quite simply some of the best biker jewelry you will have ever seen.  I will not let you down.

Let’s kick off with the pendants:

(This is easily my favorite piece of jewelry I have seen in the last year hands down – stunningly simple)

Time for a little break I think…

I just love how he uses simple broad curves to really capture that contrast between light and dark on the silver and while some of the subjects are pretty standard fare I like how he tries his hand at sea-horses with the same success as classic vine motifs.

On to the rings.

This quilted ring is part of his second line – Soul of Riders and deals with slightly more masculine designs.  I just love how simple and under-polished it is.  Trust me, stuff like this ages so much better than zirconia paved, over-complex stuff.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that he will custom the hell out of anything if you give him half a chance!  Sick stuff.

Customs include the usual stones, brass and gold work, different shades of silver and gold (including my favorite green gold) and gold solder.

Another of the nice little details with this designer is that all silver is sold with a heavy patina on it – the kind you would get from spending a century on the seabed.  It then wears away gradually to the usual brilliant shine you would expect from regular silver jewelry, a nice touch that really connects you with your jewelry.

And now for some of my favorite other items to finish up with:

I found it really hard to get the number of pictures down to a reasonable number for this article, I would happily buy literally everything that this guy has turned his hand to.  If you do want to see more then head on over to his site where you can happily spend an hour exploring his back catalogue.

Personally I think this guy is the best thing in modern biker jewelry.  He is one of the few to really embrace the simplicity of timeless gothic imagery, it has a certain neutrality that means that you could legitimately wear this into a ripe old age, and that is pretty much the point of this kind of jewelry.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love seahorses! They’re like all the clocks. /Dan Deacon

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