I thought we would take a break from the pop-culture centered fashion we have been focusing on lately and write about the kind of fashion that I actually wear, and in the case of Share Spirit there is rarely an outfit of late that comes out of my wardrobe without a piece from designer Hikaru Kitano worked in.  He is a designer with a perfect eye for blending history and antiquity into fashion, and while there is always a pleasure in tracking down vintage pieces to get a similar look, as a connoisseur of fashion I can say that there is an even greater pleasure in having those influences present and correct, but also perfectly fitted and made of the finest materials your money is likely to buy outside of couture.

The approaching AW 2013-14 season is actually a real significant departure for the brand featuring huge prints of classical art jumping out of some of the showpieces, but once you get past that there are the usual crop of cocktail dresses to die for and turn of the century military influenced formal wear that I am living in right now.

The ladies selection is decidedly focused on a core selection of beaded and embroidered dresses with fur shrugs that are so beautiful you can only hope they will find a good home.

But there are as ever a couple of streetwear friendly options for those of us after something you could safely survive a Koenji punk bar as well as the Aoyama alternative.

On to the men’s and we have a dragged down drop crotch shaping the silhouette, which is quite rare for Share Spirit, and great asymmetric details right down to the un-processed fox hide collar

Personally the folded crotch trousers here work better with the aged vibe over the drop, but that is just me and I am glad to see Share Spirit bringing very modern elements to the vintage core.

On to safer ground and I am loving the mix of shearlings and paneled body on this jacket.

Into the showroom and Rebecca and I were feeling altogether patriotic.

As ever many of my favorite items didn’t make the lookbook.

Looking forward to wearing this come winter.

Personally I am just grateful that someone is making these kind of clothes to this high level, even in the context of Tokyo where the world’s best vintage is at every corner, Share Spirit exists for the absolute connoisseur who would only be sated by museum quality pieces.

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3 Responses to Share Spirit – AW 2013-14 Collection – Works of Art

  1. Clare says:

    Samuel, thanks for sharing this oh-so wearable and covetable collection. Love the models and the styling as well. I’m sure this would be way beyond my price range (and probably unavailable from my far flung geographic location) but these pieces are that rare fusion of edgy, timeless, flattering and imaginative fashion-meets-art. And how cool is that Mona Lisa tie!
    On another note, any chance of some jewellery posts – maybe Dual Flow?

  2. Samuel says:

    @ Claire,

    What a coincidence – I met the designer of Dual Flow today, you can expect a post tomorrow! I am glad you like Share Spirit, it really is beautiful and perfect for people who love their jewelry like us. I am especially vindicated you like the tie, I thought it was great, but I was out voted in the showroom!

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