Share Spirit heads into spring / summer 2013 with a collection inspired by the glamour of early silent cinema and early 1900s tailoring   For the designer, Hikaru Katano, it is arguably a departure from the tribal influences that he is best known for, but a continuation of his exploration into timeless fashion – the search to find aesthetics beyond trends and gimmicks, but all the time acknowledging the historical path he is following.  For the women we find an education in vintage lingerie and corsetry, given a hint of kink through references to formative fetish culture in a fusion of leather, lace and decadence, a theme also highlighted in the men’s, but given a masculine twist courtesy of the aforementioned boxy tailoring, but also motifs derived from turn of the century physicians’ garb.

It is no secret that Share Spirit is one of the brands that I am a personal fan of, and one I rarely go a day without wearing.  As much as I am culturally engaged with brands dictating the culture of Japanese fashion like Anrealage or Bodysong, it is Share Spirit that forms the core of my wardrobe, a situation I don’t see changing with time – but that afterall, is the point.

Each season the Share Spirit Museum in Daikanyama is redecorated to illustrate the theme of the current season.  Here you can see one such diorama, featuring the tailoring of Charlie Chaplin, the tools of the poisoner, authentic vintage lace and early BDSM culture literature.

It goes without saying that Share Spirit can easily head in the direction of historical costume, but that element of theatricality is one you can style to taste.  What I will say is that if you have come here looking for hints of Steampunk or similar subcultures, then this is the level of quality and historical accuracy you have been dreaming of.  The embellishments are either authentic antique items, or recreated using the same techniques to the highest possible standard.  For those who don’t know, Hikaru Kitano also recreates textiles from vintage examples and dyeing methods making this a destination brand for vintage fashion aficionados looking for something progressive.

Just take in all those textures – fantastic.

The apron makes a surprising appearance, both in the form of overalls as above and as a shorter layer as below:

Lacing makes a foppish addition to the men’s storied aesthetic.

Moving on to the women’s:

And we are in full-on boudoir mode with hand-dyed silks and layers of decadence lace given teeth thanks to plenty of leather straps as on the wedges above.

Here the hanging garter straps add spice to an otherwise austere ensemble.

Needless to say, dresses as above are only likely to show up at the finest Tokyo bars and parties, but there is plenty of street level fashion to indulge in too.

Absolutely love the mix of leather and lace here.

The muted camo military jackets are the core of the street level look from Share Spirit this season and sit perfectly on the arm at 3/4 length.

There is so much I wish I could show you from the showroom, but they prefer to keep things in-house so I am afraid you are going to have to pay them a visit yourself.  Failing that there is a very good stockist in America as of next season which I will update this article with the details of later this year.

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