Last time I wrote about Shellac (well over a year ago) actual Todd Trainer from the band Shellac was kind enough to get in touch and wanted to know where he himself could get hold of this brand.  Looking at the Shellac’s output over the years you can see why their gritty, rough, stripped-back aesthetic would appeal to a cool credible guy like him and I hope he is now dressed head to toe in the stuff.

Anyway, one thing that certainly hasn’t changed since I last wrote about Shellac is their output and fans will be pleased to know that this is the bastion of quality street style we know and love.  For those frustrated by the quality of materials used by the 109 Mens crowd or even OIOI, this is the place to go for quality wools, leathers and denims that will last and certainly be acknowledged amongst the initiated.

Their look-book this year is a cool affair and not unlike their very cool Daikanyama shop that I frequent, quite hard to actually see the clothes in.  Rest assured I have isolated some items at the end, but for now drink in the bold adult masculine atmosphere:

And a bonus shot of their Aoyama flagship while I am at it:

So what is new this year?  Not a huge amount really, maybe there is a bit more length to the sleeves and torso on most items to keep it inline with current trends and there are definitely less prints than ever.  Overall it feels more austere than usual, but that is no bad thing in my opinion – consider it icy cool armor that no-one can help but admire.  Unlike a lot of Japanese street fashion that you might feel a bit self-conscious in outside of the Japanese context, this is pretty internationally friendly and I don’t see how anyone could not appreciate this classic masculine look.

Having said that, here are some of the boldest and extravagant items in the collection – no basics here.

If you want to see more then head on over to the official site for styling, pricing and stockists.  Personally I can appreciate the look, but even at my age I think this is quite a mature look for me.  In Japan at least this is a brand popular with people well into their 30s and 40s as well as the younger crowd.  You definitely can’t go wrong with it at any rate and this is to my mind still one of the best examples of refined Japanese street style.

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2 Responses to Shellac A/W 2011-12 – Flawless Japanese Street Style

  1. brad-t says:

    I have to admit, I like Shellac a lot but I’m not hugely into this collection. There’s only one or two items I want. That said, Shellac is great, even though all I have from them is a cutsew I can tell the quality of it is so nice. This collection is certainly better than the new 5351 collection. Can’t recall the last time I was so disappointed by a brand I like as I was with that.

  2. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    I am not massively surprised that this doesn’t quite fit your style at the moment. It does seem that little bit plainer and straight-laced, not unlike 5351, but that does seem to be the vibe of the moment. It feels like they are pitching the brand at a slightly older audience, especially as brands like Buffalo Bobs and the gang are picking up an ever-broader demographic. Interesting times…


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