In Harajuku’s iconic department store La Foret lies one little gem for lovers of the obscure.  With a wonderfully sustained theme of insects, the only sound you will hear is the subtle chirp of cicadas and the accessories and jewelery themselves are presented in antique white collectors cabinets or else mounted on walls like pinned insects.  While I think many of you with something of a phobia to the latter might want to give it a miss, there is something very beautiful and tranquil about the shop that makes it definitely worth your time, even if just to see the spectacle.

The vast majority of the jewelery is made of silver, brass and leather and really transcends the “costume jewelery” label, make no mistake, it is all built of last.  On top of that quality you have some of the most original designs I have seen in years, I have highlighted some of my favorite pieces for you to enjoy:

From top to bottom:

A leather and silver butterfly broach (also comes as a ring or earing)  Those are amazing printed leather wings and there are hundreds of one-off designs to choose from.

A leather and fabric flower bracelet – so beautiful in the flesh.

Gold plated silver butterflies available for most areas of the ear in different designs.

Insect printed leather wallet

And lastly a real Japanese beetle set in Resin on a brass clip.  These are truly amazing and there are loads of insects, from ones the size of a mobile phone (!) to about 3 CM long.  The price depends on the rarity of the beetle in question and some of the larger Japanese fighting Kabuto beetles can be pretty damn pricey.  Here is the one I am currently sporting on a tiger’s eye chain:

Trust me it looks even better in the flesh where you can see the green and red opalite shine coming off the back of the beetle.

Amazing stuff – I really hope I have persueded you to pay them a visit or at least have a glance at their website

I just love how subtly creepy but ultimately beautiful these items are – however you coordinate them these accessories are going to stand out and definitely evoke a reaction.


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