Jesus Diamante – I think the name of this shop says it all! It really is the holy grail of all things extravagant and princess-like.

Jesus Diamante is indeed a revelation for the uninitiated; think big eyes, big frills and even bigger hair! Truly, truly amazing. Catering for the hime (princess) crowd, Jesus Diamante effectively fills the real-life princess clothing niche with fur, frills and flowers.

Here’s a great example of a staff member dressed up in full hime style! Check out the immense hair, lace tights and ribbon accessories. (Dress: 30450yen/£212/$324)

Forget glass slippers, I’d much rather go to the ball in these beauties! Hotdamn! (Shoes: 27300yen/£190/$290)

For me, the real prize has to be the coat selection – fur cuffs & collar, lace detail and an amazing cut. I’m just in love with it! (Coat: 147000yen/£1026/$1564)

While the prices, and indeed the style, may not be for the faint hearted, if you’d like the hime look without signing up for the castle and fairy godmother, I’d suggest looking out for baby-doll/high waisted dresses, adding flowers and bows to pretty much everything, and back-combing your hair as much as humanly possible.

Find Jesus Diamante:

Tokyo: 2nd floor B6 Building, 6-28-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku (open 11am – 9pm)

Kansai: 1st floor 102 Tower West, Umeda Sky Building, 1-1-30 Kita-ku, Osaka (open 12pm – 8pm, closed third Thursday of every month)

At least I’ve already found my knight in shining armour!


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