Silver accessories have long been a big part of Japanese street fashion, helped along by rock and punk influences the worn silver jewelery seems to strike a cord in the urban environments of Japan and the comparatively low price point has made it accessible to most.

Modern silver really does span the genres and whatever your style you can be pretty sure someone has made the accessory to match.  I thought I would start my posts on this subject that is so very close to my heart (and fingers, neck, wrists and occasionally ankles) with a little introduction to the brands that made silver so big in Japan.

Despite modern silver dating back decades in Japan it was in the late 90’s that there was the first “silver boom”.  This was a movement heavily centered around native American imagery and aesthetics.  Leading the way were two Japanese brands that are still definitely worth a visit in  Harajuku – Arizona Freedom and Goro’s.

This is a real premium piece from Goro’s with great gold accents on the feathers and head of the eagle.  Goro’s was founded by an old school Japanese biker who handmade all the jewelery himself which had the dual function of ensuring a great handmade and rough aesthetic as well as keeping demand well ahead of supply.

However as we moved on into the 00’s the silver scene was overwhelmingly dominated by one brand which arguably still rules the roost to this day – Chrome Hearts.

With gothic symbols and luxurious materials Chrome Hearts carved out a perfect niche for itself amongst the rich rebels of Tokyo and spawned a slew of imitators and downright blatant fakes.  While technically a USA brand it cannot be ignored that Chrome Hearts’ largest store remains in Japan (worth a visit) and the vast majority of their work is sold in Japan.  Amongst the youth of Tokyo, Chrome Hearts is an household name synonymous with silver style.

Next I would like to share with you my personal favorite silver brands and you will see how creative and varied silver can be.


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