Sise is a very interesting brand that has been brought into the Mark Styler stable of brands that also houses the likes of Emoda and Murua under its mantra of affordable luxury.  Sise is certainly on the right size of affordable for its fashion credentials, and the quality of fabrics involved is not to be compared with its 109 colleagues making it deserving of the luxury tag.  Under the theme of boyish-ness Bunka graduate Seishin Matsui has produced ultra simplistic collections that border on the futuristic for many years now, even winning itself a placement in the Omotesando hub of the avant-garde – Wut Berlin.  Before we start looking through the show I should say that you ought not to be fooled into thinking that this is a brand only for those on the hunt for luxury basics that aren’t a million miles off from the status quo, although it does fulfill that goal well, there are also some really nice key items that progress traditional streetwear admirably.

Take your time with this one, yes, it is casual and clean, but there is also a lot going on:

I really love the hyper simplicity of the outfit on the right, shame that the inclusion of even a watch would spoil the whole thing.

I would have never thought that a sweatsuit would be the highlight of a collection, but I have to say that the one on the left is superb.  The combination of panels, padding on the pockets and pleasant volume around the neck are all something I would like to see more of on the streets of Tokyo.

Sise’s official homepage seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet right now, so I am afraid I have nowhere to direct you from here.  Given the involvement of the Mark Styler group, not to mention the positive critical response this collection has had overseas I daresay that we might be able to look forward to a good number of stockists, and I will be sure to update you if anything comes on to my radar.

Stay tuned for more menswear on Tokyo Telephone as I round up the brands from last Tokyo Fashion Week – there is still so much more left to see, and we will be covering the women’s brands from Mark Styler’s recent Touch Me catwalk shows soon as well.

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