A brief update on how we’ve been fiddling around with the site:

Page titles: the links to pages have changed, so instead of random numbers the title is now in the perma-link – so much better! Old direct links will still work, but if you’ve got a specific link then please update it.

Gallery: we’ve changed the gallery widget – take a look!

Hotline: the hotline page has now been organised into categories: fashion, dining, and culture.

Livejournal: we’ve created a livejournal so you can keep up to date with everything that’s going on at TokyoTelephone.com. If you also blog at LJ then please add us!

Links to other blogs: we are officially addicted to blogs! If you’d like to link to us & have us link back to you then just drop us a comment or mail us at hello @ tokyotelephone.com

Other sites: just a reminder that you can also see content from TokyoTelephone.com at twitter & flickr

Finally, Samuel & I found this fine fellow in a junk shop a couple of weeks ago – Japanese wall scrolls showing foreigners in traditional dress are something of a rarity and we just had to have him. We heard from the shop owner that he might be a Meiji-era doctor… if you’ve any idea who the mystery gaijin is, then do let us know!


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