It is all very well producing elaborately stylized jewelry, but accuracy is often neglected in that process.  Skuranger is one new-comer to the silver scene who has taken it upon himself to correct that and make perfectly literal versions of classic men’s jewelry subjects, but most importantly making it wearable (and damn cool).  Looking into the designer you can see that he ticks all the boxes of many great silver smiths, plenty of experience in wood carving and a background of working with animals – in his case their bones.

No surprise then that his first items are all concerned with delving into skulls, in this case incredibly accurately.   Something somewhat at odds with the name of the brand which is based on some invented mythos about the Skuranger group taking on a mysterious evil organisation whose only weakness happens to be silver – you really could not make it up!

Continue reading for a very in-depth look at this guy’s work, including one of the coolest chop-stick rests you have ever seen…

Based on a caucasian male’s skull.  Very impressive and like all of Skuranger’s work finished with a hand engraved signature.

Inspired by a deformed skull.

Gorilla skull ring, perfectly balanced.

And an imagined skull of a cyclops, realistically created (if that is even possible).

Lion skull pendant with a bone themed bale.

Now I am not usually one for dog tags but this chiseled one with brass skull is really something special.  If there is one thing Skuranger nail absolutely every time, it is that sense of balance in a piece.  Not too much design, not too simple.

This too is a great use of the contrast between the silver and brass.  While this is similar to a couple of classic designs including silver master Stanley Guess, the reason this one takes it too the next level is because all the skulls are put in by hand making each one that bit different – a very nice touch.

And here is where it gets interesting.  This is actually a brass pen rest – although you can rest anything on it I suppose.  Really beautifully made and ultra reasonable at 11000 yen.  For the fan who has everything – aka me – but not as ludicrous as some of the Chrome Hearts stuff.

And a smaller sterling silver version for chopsticks!  Really cool, but could potentially put the squeamish off their food.

He also makes this accurate medical specimens in brass as well.  I suppose if you are obsessed about function you could always use these as a paper weight, or just sit back and enjoy the patina and craftmanship.

Another great example, love the polished teeth.

And just for a complete change of pace at the end here:  Glass and silver – produced in very limited quantities.

Slightly out of sync with the rest of the brand, but damn cool none the less!

So there you go, yet another Japanese silversmith producing world class work – you really are spoilt for choice in Tokyo especially when it comes to young designers putting out accesible affordable work. My advice is to jump in before they hit the big time – half my personal collection is evidence to that fact.

As for further reading you have his personal blog, a homepage with some examples of his custom work and he is stocked in my favorite Koenji emporium – and meat…


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